Congratulations! You’ve gotten engaged and finally picked a date for that “someday dream wedding” you’ve been imagining and obsessing about. Now it’s time to let all your friends and family know when that big day is arriving. And not only for the ceremony, there’s also the rehearsal dinner, bachelor and bachelorette parties and wedding shower! For that you’re going to need some combinations of announcements, save the date’s or invitations. The options are truly endless, and therefore, can become a little overwhelming. Will anyone notice if the calligraphy is actually hand done or just printed? Maybe! Wait, why are invitations supposed to be an envelope inside of another envelope?

InvitationsThe design and style of your invitations should match the same feeling and image that your wedding is going to be. A whimsical, outdoor wedding would pair well with a vine and floral printed invitation. A proper, black tie wedding calls for traditional invitations with hand written calligraphy on thicker, embossed paper. Go for geometric prints for a modern feel or glitter and pastel colors for a sweet and sophisticated wedding. Different types of paper have a wide range of prices, balancing quality and price is something each couple must determine on their own. However, recycled paper has become a new, environmentally friendly option. Script fonts are classic and timeless, a trend that will never go out of style. No matter what look you’re going for, the trend is definitely to make your invitation bold and personal. It grabs guests attention and gives off the first impression of your wedding. Well designed invitations excite every person who opens one and will even encourage them to attend your wedding.

Sending out save-the-date’s are an essential part of ensuring that your guests will be able to schedule the necessary arrangements to make it to your wedding. Sending these out as soon as you pick the date is a fool-proof way to make sure everyone has enough preparation time, but at least six months before the wedding is a good rule to go by. Destination weddings are an exception to this, at least 12-18 months in advance of the trip as some guests may need to get a passport and budget for the expense of the trip.

It is appropriate to send invitations three months to six weeks before the day of your wedding. However, this can be based off your personal preference. You may know that your family enjoys plenty of planning time or that a later invite may be more suitable to people who tend to forget things over longer amounts of time or need motivation to complete arrangements. It’s always a good idea to remind people the dates and important information of your wedding leading up to the big day, such as at family gatherings around the holidays.

Don’t forget thank you notes after the wedding as well! Photo thank you’s have become popular but a hand written note is always more personal and appreciated, especially for close family or older guests, like grandparents. A postcard is a great way to combine those two elements.

Written By: LBA Intern Taylor Gorr