Your color scheme may be the most expressive guest at your wedding.  It also plays an important part in setting the overall mood and tone of the event.  It also can be dictated by everything from:

  • the location of your wedding
  • availability of what you choose
  • memories you want to create
  • celebrity weddings past and present
  • the season in which you are in
  • and other personal influences

Color can reflect our personalities and sometimes what we choose can be unconventional—with some brides preferring to “raise eyebrows” and “turn heads.”

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2017 bridal runways appear to be trending towards tributes to color in many ways.  A beautiful lace gown can now gently move away from time honored tradition.  It can feature an under-layer of color to enhance the intricate patterns of the fabric.  Sue Rosenberger owner of Fantastic Finds in Lansing MI, and Lansing Bridal Association member—says that she sees the Ivory color and lace still having importance with Champagne or blush underneath.  She also predicts the emergence of blue and silver as subtle color combinations as well.

The spring runways are showcasing a flowery wedding gown forecast from bright and bold with a multicolored combination.  This can provoke some brides to break tradition and have some color fun.  These can easily translate to the groom’s tie, tux, or suit.

Rosenberger also mentions that she sees blush, light blue, and deep wine as notable choices.  Also, the deeper colors of royal blue and (also) metallic can be seen on attendants at 2017 weddings.

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And What About Black?

While you may not see this color much at a beach wedding, it may certainly be seen in other venues.  While it can be worn alone, many times it is combined with an unexpected “pop” of color.  Black is not being seen as a color of  understatement,  but rather a rich boldness that some brides may choose for themselves or their bridesmaids.

Some other 2017 surprises may include matching hair colors to the wedding dress or theme.

Florists, photographers, and wedding planners are experts at incorporating your wedding colors into fanciful visuals.  They can help you add accent colors to complete a look that flows through your entire wedding and reception.

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Fantastic Finds

Whether you color your wedding: daring, subtle, or somewhere in between; let the wedding professionals of the Lansing Bridal Association help you create your wedding “color pallet” that is uniquely you.


Author Bio:
Cheryl Jiminez, LBA Intern, is a former bridal seamstress and consultant.  She recently graduated from Lansing Community College where she majored in Writing and General Studies.




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