Your bridesmaids are your best friends while planning you wedding. They have been there for you during all of your bridezillas moments and help make some stressful moments a bit less stressful. However, now they are the ones stressing you out by not agreeing on one dress for the wedding. Lucky for you there are tons of ways to get around the age old problem of bridesmaids disagreeing.

Convertible dresses: One of the big trends with bridesmaid dresses is convertible dresses, dresses that are all one color and one fabric but can be worn in different ways. Each girl will be able to choose what way she wants to wear her dress so that it looks best for her, what could be better?

Same dress different color: If color is the problem, have no fear. One option that is popular with bridesmaid dresses this year are having the same dress in different colors or shades. Have each bridesmaid choose a different color or shade from your wedding colors and everyone will look great and be happy.

Mismatched dressesIf at the end of the day your bridesmaid really can’t decide on just one look, then go with an ecletic and cool option for your girls and let them each choose their own dress. Obviously don’t let them choose ANY dress but instead just give them guidelines, such as color, length, or fabric and let the girls choose what works best for them.

At the end of the day your bridesmaids will be happy and look great in whatever you decide!