You’ve just said “Yes” to taking your partner’s hand in marriage. After such a monumental moment, you may find yourself wondering “What comes next?”

Upon entering the sometimes-overwhelming world of wedding planning, one must prepare to say “Yes” time and time again. Whether it be booking a venue, choosing your dream dress or deciding on delicacies, endless “Yes’s” will be thrown out into the world to ensure that your big day is everything you’ve ever dreamed of.

Though the thrill of making your dream wedding come to fruition is a high that any bride would love to ride forever, it’s equally as important to be prepared to say “No.”

In some cases, saying “No” is easier said than done and we at the LBA recognize that entirely. We’re here to ensure and remind you that there is one very important detail to remember when tackling tricky situations that involve having to use that dreaded word. Most importantly:

This is YOUR time, YOUR process and YOUR big day. Your needs and desires should be held on the highest of pedestals, for you’re creating something beautiful that is meaningful for your life.

With that in mind, here are a few examples of common instances you may find yourself needing to say “No,” although it might prove to be difficult:

·       One of your friends assumes they’re in your wedding party.

It may be tough breaking the news, but it shouldn’t be a problem considering truefriends will understand and always be there to support you regardless. Telling your friends that they didn’t make the cut can easily translate into something that sounds like “You’re not important enough to me.” Try highlighting the reasons behind your decision, such as costs or maintaining a small party. Alongside of that, it’s import to frame the “negative” side of being apart of the wedding, such as the cost of a dress or having to worry about the associated work and responsibilities. Once the news is broken, you could ask for their input on things to help make them feel involved and important. 

·     You’re afraid of looking like a picky “Bridezilla.”

Don’t want that dress? Don’t want that cake? It’s okayto be picky because you’re building your version of perfection, not anybody else’s. Be sure to communicate to your friends and family what it is you don’tlike about the things you’re deciding on. If you feel pressured into choosing something, it could be because they don’t understand why it doesn’t fit into your vision. Help them understand and try to remind yourself that they are trying to help! 

·       You may not want to let go of something that your partner disagrees with.

Saying “No” sometimes means letting go. Remember, this process can also involve compromisewith your partner because importantly, it’s their day too. Communication is such a large factor in a functional partnership, so be sure to ask your better half for their input. Unless it’s something you can’t live without, it’s okay to let it go. If it is something you can’t live without, find a way to efficiently explain this to your partner and consider comprising on an alternative wedding decision in which you may have a different vision. 

·       You’re considering settling on something because it’s convenient.

o  You’re overwhelmed, tired and stressed out. In times like these, you may find yourself wanting to say “yes” simply because it’s easier than going for what you really want. Take a step back, take a deep breath and remember who you’re doing this for. One great method to avoid being overwhelmed is to get an early start by booking as much as possible in the beginning. On average, an engagement is around 18 months long. Utilize that time to plan almost every detail, leaving yourself a few months to spare. That way, you can focus on your friends and enjoy that window of time and not stress about making hasty decisions. Also, consider attending a bridal show near the beginning of your engagement. They are such an amazing resource for finding everything you need for your wedding in one place. With plenty of options to choose from, not only will it guide your vision for your perfect day, it will also help you articulate what exactly you’re looking for to your friends and family.

We hope that this blog post brought light to some of the potential roadblocks that new brides may run into along the wedding-way. If you’ve got this stuff down already, we are so incredibly happy for you! If this was the reminder you needed, we’re thrilled to have done our little part in your special journey.