The Lansing Bridal Show is a great opportunity for you to meet tons of brides. We are proud to be the most popular bridal show in Mid-Michigan.

Our September show is the Largest Bridal show in Mid-Michigan, and our January show is the ONLY 2-day bridal show as well as the very first bridal show of the year.

How can I become a Vendor in the show?

You can become a vendor in the show by purchasing a booth. We have single booths, as well as double booths in case you need the extra space. Booths are furnished with pipe and drape, a table and two chairs. We also offer a Multi-Show discount if you choose to join us for both our Fall and Winter Bridal shows! You could save up to $300 in discounts, email us at to learn how.

Do I have to be a Member of the LBA to be in the show?

No, you are not required to purchase membership. However, we strongly encourage it! There are so many benefits to being a member. Including discounts on booths! Head on over to our MEMBERSHIP PAGE for more information on how (and why) to become a part of the Lansing Bridal Association.

Can I choose my booth location in the show?

Unfortunately, no. Booth location is decided based on many different factors, therefore we leave that up to our Executive director to work out! He has been doing this a long time so he knows the perfect way to organize it.

Why do booths cost what they do?

The money the LBA receives from booth sales gets put right back into the show. We want the show to be the very best, and therefore we purchase some awesome advertising space on TV, radio stations, yard signs, billboards, and so much more.

Why should I choose your Bridal Show over the other bridal shows in town?

Our bridal shows bring in the most brides. We are the largest September show in Mid-Michigan and the ONLY 2-DAY show in January. We are also the very first show of the year. We also put more money into marketing, and making sure our show is successful.

I wanted to thank you for putting together a great bridal show!  Lisa and I always have such a nice time.
Mike Faucett

Faucett Photography

Great show & Great job by your crew!

Marta Brown

Northfork Estates

Where can I see the contract for the Lansing Bridal Show?

The Multi-Show contract for both the October 2018 show and the January 2019 show is attached below.

2018-19 multishow registration

Want to only do one show? Send an email to for more information.

To be a vendor, just print off the contract, fill it out, and mail it with your deposit to the address shown on it.