Beat Your Jet Lag Fast and Enjoy Your Honeymoon with these Tips and Tricks, courtesy of The Sleep Help Institute.

Congratulations on your nuptials, newlyweds! You made it through the big day that cemented your relationship for the whole world to see, and hopefully, you had a great time. Now it’s time for the honeymoon, where you can spend all of your time with your honey. You’ll want to enjoy as much of this vacation as you can. With these tips and tricks, jet lag won’t stop you from having fun with your partner.

Put some strategically placed naps in your itinerary

When you’re planning your travels, schedule some naps in the first few days. You should try and stay up until your usual bedtime at least every night to help your circadian rhythm adjust to your new time zone, so don’t nap too long or too close to bedtime.

Spend some time in the sun

Spending time in the sun, particularly in the mornings, can help your circadian rhythm, or body clock, reset and re-learn when it’s supposed to be awake.

Watch your diet & plan meals early

Avoid caffeine and nicotine within 6 hours of bedtime, as they stay in your system for a while. Plan your meals for a few hours before bed as well, as eating heavy meals right before bed can disrupt your sleep later in the night. If you’re drinking alcohol, try to leave four hours between the end of your last drink and tucking yourself in for bed. Alcohol may make it easier for you to fall asleep, but it also makes it harder to stay asleep, according to the Huffington Post.

You should also make sure you’re drinking plenty of water throughout the day!

Do what you can to make the hotel more comfortable

There isn’t a whole lot you can do to adjust the hotel to your own needs, but there are some things you can try. Where at home, you can choose a comfortable mattress for you and your partner, most hotels don’t offer different types of beds. Ask for more pillows if you need them, or darker curtains to block out the sun for naps. You can also bring in air fresheners with soothing smells, such as lavender or chamomile, or turn the temperature down in your room at night.

Try natural supplements

If you’re struggling to get to sleep at night, try having a cup of chamomile tea or tea with valerian root in it. You can also try taking an over the counter pill of melatonin, the chemical that your body releases to tell your brain that it needs to go to sleep. This pill can help your body adjust to its new time zone.

Get intimate with your partner

It’s your honeymoon, so spend some quality time in bed with your new spouse! When you’ve both been satisfied, your bodies will release a hormone called oxytocin that will help you get to sleep.

Believe it or not, the more well-rested you are, the more likely you are to have a healthy level of sexual desire.

These tips courtesy of The Sleep Help Institute, a trusted source for mattress recommendations and sleep help.