About the Lansing Bridal Association

The Lansing Bridal Association (LBA) was created to help wedding vendors in the Mid-Michigan area connect with brides and other vendors in the wedding industry. When you become a member of the LBA, you have the opportunity to network with other members and get to know them not just as a business but also as a person. How does this benefit you? So much of the wedding industry is word-of-mouth advertising and recommendations from other vendors. The LBA has quarterly networking socials where you will get the chance to talk with other wedding industry experts. We also have other fun activities throughout the year to provide you with more opportunities to network!

The LBA puts on two bridal shows each year. Our Fall show is the most popular show in Mid-Michigan and our Winter show is the only two-day show in Mid-Michigan. As a member of the LBA, you would receive a discount on your booth cost, as well as gain access to over 700 bridal leads!

What people are saying about the Lansing Bridal Association:

Great partnership! The LBA helps each other out, it is a great way to network and refer wedding businesses to each other. Rachel Ingot


Since my first show I landed 15 brides from the last bridal association meeting. Charlene Miller

Causeway Bay Hotel

[The LBA is] a great way to network with other wedding vendors. I have met so many people and have forged some lasting friendships.

  Karen Fordos, Mid-Michigan Wedding Planner

Mid-Michigan Wedding Planner

Membership Cost is only $250

Membership includes:
• A One Year membership to the Lansing Bridal Association
• Quarterly networking meetings with business professionals in the wedding industry
• Multiple networking socials throughout the year
• A Vendor Listing on www.LansingBridalShow.com
• LBA members may also receive special discounts on our annual Bridal Show, and discounts on lead lists from the shows.

Register Below to become a member. After you register, you will be redirected to a page where you can purchase your membership.*

    (1) Maintain the highest standard of excellence and professionalism at all times and abide by the LBA by-laws. (2) Practice good business ethics at all times by using only legal and ethical means in all industry activities. Observe and honor all laws, rules, and license requirements concerning members’ business and those of other vendors and clients. (3) Practice professional integrity by promising truthful and accurate information in all aspects of professional performance and duties. (4) Be accountable, objective, tactful, and maintain the highest standards of personal conduct. (5) Promote and maintain good business skills by committing to professional growth and knowledge through educational enhancement programs. (6) Represent each client fairly and honestly by abiding by what is stated in a clearly written agreement stating all charges for services and/or products. (7) Provide quality service in a timely and cost effective manner. (8) Use honest and factual information in all advertising and protect the public against fraud and misleading information. (9) While performing above the acceptable standards to this industry, maintain a positive and professional attitude in all business relationships including clients, colleagues, and competitors. (10) Resolve all disputes in a professional and timely manner. As a member of Lansing Bridal Association (LBA) you agree to abide by this Code of Ethics during the tenure of your membership. Failure to abide by these standards or multiple client complaints as outlined in the LBA bylaws, may result in indefinite dismissal from the LBA and forfeiture of any membership fees paid.

*Purchase of Membership is required*