Alice (bride-to-be) and her friend Carrie—went wedding gown shopping. Alice knew her friend would give sound advice and was eager to help her—find her dream dress. Instead, it turned into an embarassing disagreement over every dress. Alice later found out that the trip brought back memories to Carrie about a wedding proposal she expected, but never got.

It is quite natural for friends (and even family) to feel separate and sometimes—a bit envious of you. Some singles in your wedding party may feel like—what I call— “inflatable” bridesmaids and groomsmen. They may secretly say to themselves, “I’m so tired of NOT getting married?”

Social media has made it easier to be updated and share (and “over-share”) details about the upcoming wedding. However, this can make things worse at times when others may not be so happy for you—or—who you chose to marry. (Some may get on social media and boldly proclaim it).

It is tempting to react to online “rants” and other distressing words or pictures. Keep your important tasks in front of you and try to stay calm. We all have disagreeable moments and opinions, but— this is your wedding—not theirs.

  • If you know that someone in your wedding party is putting on a “brave face” and it is difficult them; talk it out if possible. “Over involving” [certain people] with such things as wedding gown shopping etc, —may be a bit much. It’s better to be honest, than to have friendships or other relationships ruined.
  • Some bridesmaids, groomsmen, or family members—may be stretched financially and are simply too embarrassed to admit it. Things like choosing wedding attire that they can wear again is trendy and welcoming to many.
  • If you can before your wedding, you and your spouse-to-be can schedule group events. It can include an activity that makes your wedding party (and family members) feel appreciated and special. A relaxing time at Fahrenheit Massage, and sporting events such as The Lansing Lugnuts, can be calming for the them (and you). The event planners and venues in the Lansing Bridal Association have ideas that can make rehearsal dinners and showers great places to “mix and mingle” as well.
  • Besides the traditional garter and bridal bouquet toss at your wedding, you may opt to have a special “mini ceremony” for single guests. You could present them each with a small gift or even a flower. (I did that at my wedding).

Above all, hopefully your friends and family know they are not losing you, but gaining another part of you—sharing in your happiness—especially those anticipating their own wedding!

Let the Lansing Bridal Association assist you with your wedding needs. They are industry-leading professionals dedicated to making your special day a success and one to remember.

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Written by Cheryl Jiminez

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