Weddings can be outrageously EXPENSIVE! According to TheKnot, the average cost of a wedding in the United States last year was about $30,000, excluding the honeymoon! But just because some couples can go a tad bit overboard (looking at you, Kim Kardashian), they don’t have to be. Shocking, I know. A reasonably price wedding?!? Is that even possible? IT IS. Listed below are some ways you can keep costs low at your wedding without sacrificing any of your expensive style.


  • Save money with one venue for the ceremony and reception. You won’t pay as much for one location as opposed to two and you won’t have to worry about transportation from one location to the other.
  • Find a location that provides chairs, and necessary furniture to save yourself the hassle and money of providing your own.
  • Choose a location that doesn’t need too much decorating to keep your decorating costs to a minimum.
  • Check for coupons or deals available at different locations in your area.


  • June and September are the most popular wedding months and the most expensive. Save your money and try May or October instead.
  • January, March, April and November are not very popular months for events so the price of venues is much more reasonable.
  • Avoid holiday months and weekends because many other events will likely be on the same day as your wedding, driving up the price of venues and other services.
  • Friday and Saturday are busy days, try Sunday or other week days to get a better deal on event spaces.


  • Small intimate weddings with just family and close friends can be very romantic and very inexpensive.
  • Only giving guests with serious significant others or spouses the option to bring a “plus one” can save you hundreds of dollars and hassle on your big day.


  • Renting the wedding dress, tuxes and bridesmaids dresses is an inexpensive alternative to buying these items that are typically only worn once.
  •  Something old and something borrowed! Borrowing items or re-using old items from friends and family members is cheaper than buying new and adds a special touch to your special day.


Because love doesn’t cost a thing and your wedding shouldn’t cost too much either. Who doesn’t love a great deal?