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The DJ can truly make or break the reception. DJs have so many responsibilities, from introducing the happy couple to timing the first dance. Overall, the DJ is responsible for the flow of the reception and entertaining guests. Complete Weddings and Events focuses on providing exceptional DJ services and with 27 years of experience serving Michigan weddings, they’ve certainly had their fair share of practice. Professional DJ, Patrick Fuller, has the inside scoop on just how to make sure the DJ you hire is the right one for you.

Things to consider when choosing a DJ:

Choosing a DJ for your wedding is a pretty safe bet overall. Complete Weddings and Events’ DJs are well versed in the way of weddings, and are fully capable of handling every detail of your night, so you and your loved ones can just enjoy each other’s company. It’s important, when considering a DJ, to find someone who’s personality matches what you and your fiancé are comfortable with. You don’t want to book an exciting, outgoing DJ if your reception is more laid back and vice versa, you wouldn’t want someone who’s less involved if you wanted a more high energy kind of night. Complete offers a large variety of DJs. Each DJ goes through the same rigorous training, but takes different things from it and develops their own style, which gets translated into a profile on our website. We also encourage couples to sit down with their DJ to go over their details as well as get a feel for their personality.

 Things to know about Complete Weddings and Events:

Romantic married couple bride and groom dancing at wedding recepComplete Weddings and Events has been serving Michigan for 27 years, and has evolved as a company from strictly DJs to your one-stop-shop for weddings. We offer DJ, videography, photography, photo booth and uplighting services and each department stands out among their peers. Videography stays on the cutting edge with the newest in editing software, as well as offering drone footage to our clients. Our photographers are constantly honing their skills and collaborating with one another, not to mention the great printing work we offer to our clients through our partnership with Collages. The photo booth department is always staying ahead of the curve by offering green screen and quiz upgrades, as well as putting the final developments on introducing video booth.

Things your DJ wants you to know:

We love knowing what makes our clients passionate! Whether it’s that one song that you and your girlfriends HAVE to dance to, or that shout-out to your favorite school, we want to cater to you. We offer each of our clients a fully customizable planning sheet, which can be filled out either on paper or online, which gets forwarded directly to their DJ for their event. It’s never a bad idea to have an example playlist of musical suggestions from your guests so your DJ knows the type of music that you and your guests want to hear, but that isn’t a requirement by any means. All of our DJs are capable of gauging a crowd and playing music to match.

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