We are a Health and Wellness Studio, not your typical spa, that provides a variety of services to enhance your health and well being. Each of our  massage and bodywork session  is customized to your individual wants and needs. While our focus is to truly make a difference with physical improvement and changes, we are also excellent providers of general relaxation services. Additional current services include Breath-work and Reiki as well as an exercise studio that has classes, such as Yoga, Mindset/Breathwork, Stretching and fitness, both public and private with request. Our classes are small, to allow for individual attention.

Our partner massage is done at the same time, but in different rooms to allow for client focus for custom massage. We find that partner massage in the same space, decreases the effectiveness as the therapist focus on staying on task with each other rather than focusing on the client. If you are wanting to talk during your session, we can leave the door open and you will be worked on across the hall from each other, or you can do back to back and join each other in the room. Often the Men and sometimes women,  prefer to be worked on with shorts, making them feel less vulnerable, which we are completely on board with. We have stretching options that are also sometimes more comfortable and less threatening sounding.

We are very interested in creating the exact experience that you would like, therefore prefer to make each experience or gift unique. We offer gift cards as well as with our space you could simply have a normal scheduled massage that you could book online, or join us for classes to enhance your health and well being while preparing for your perfect special day, or we can create an entire experience such as a Yoga class that you invite your Bridesmaids to to ask them to be in your wedding…A Yoga, group stretching, assisted stretching, massage and stretch or Breathwork class with drinks and food and perhaps massages at that time or Massage gifts that they can schedule on their own. We can provide this same type of experience for the Groom and Groomsmen.

We are partnered with many Beauty and  wellness providers, and your vision is absolutely yours. Talk to us to get exactly what you need. Our space can also be rented for showers, engagement parties and for the Bridal party (Brides and Bridesmaids or Grooms and Groomsmen) getting ready on your perfect day. Please Reach out and Tell us how we can best serve you! We are new to the wedding side of things, but my daughter was married in August 2022 and that brought a passion to create some brand new experiences for all brides and grooms!

Thank you!

Kristi Stephens AT, ATC, LMT, CPT, FNS

and the FunMob Team

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