Champps3-1 The events leading up to your wedding can and should be some of the most fun…and not only choosing vendors, food tasting, trying on wedding dresses…although all that is wonderful, I am talking about your engagement party, wedding shower, bachelorette/bachelor party and rehearsal dinner! At Champps Kitchen + Bar we take pride is making sure that these occasions are just as special as the big day itself. Whether you are helping your friends and family plan these special events or “gasp” leaving the planning to them, we will make sure that these occasions are stress free.

These are the fun events where you get to celebrate your engagement with all the people who love and support you. So be sure to pick a venue that allows you to customize your party, but takes care of all the stress.

At Champps Kitchen + Bar we have a dedicated Event Coordinator who handles all of the large parties and reservations so you get undivided attention. Our parties include custom menus and buffets, private space available, linens, decorations (or you can bring your own!), communication prior to and leading up to the event, and servers experienced with large parties to take care of every detail.Champps4-1

A few things to consider when looking for a location for these events:

What type of party are you looking for?: Not all parties need a private space. Depending on the style of event you looking for, even a rehearsal dinner can be done in the main restaurant if everyone is looking for a chance to relax and eat, nothing too formal. We have hosted all types of rehearsals from formal settings in our private room with lots of decorations, to appetizer parties, because the Groom loves wings and football!

The Time Line of Events: It is important to have at least somewhat of a plan, will you be handing out gifts (rehearsal), playing games (shower), opening gifts (bachelorette party)?

Champps2-1For a Rehearsal Dinner I usually recommend the following time line:

  • Guest arrival – drinks are ordered
  • Have everyone sit and order dinner, or dine off the buffet
  • Speeches/gifts, etc.
  • Dinner arrives, and lots of time for mingling after

If anyone needs to head home, back to the hotel, get kids in bed, or you have decorating that still needs to be done there is not the pressure to stay if unable because thank yous have been said and no waiting on dinner/speeches.

This also applies to showers. If games are being played I suggest starting these after food has been ordered, or after everyone has eaten from the buffet. Mingling is great, but a two-hour shower is a great time frame!

Location is key: Whether everyone is traveling in from out of town or all your guests are local, picking a location is key. A central location or something easy for guests to find will eliminate a lot of stress (and phone calls to you or your mom with lost guests). Champps is located right off of the US 127 near Eastwood Towne Center..hint hint ☺

And last, but not least, RELAX! Everything will be wonderful and all your favorite people will be there to shower you with love and happiness! Enjoy every moment!


I hope that every moment of your wedding is magical and I would love to be a part of it. Please let me know how we can help with this special time.
Rachel Inglot   –   Event Coordinator
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