You want to look fabulous on your big day, right? Of course, the hairstyle and makeup you choose for your bridal look play a huge role in that, right behind that gorgeous gown. The classic, elegant bride image can be tricky to perfect. A modern, bold look can seem daunting to pull off. Whatever it is you want as a bride, the Lansing Bridal Association can make sure you achieve your dream wedding down to the detail of the perfect rosy cheek, cat-eye lined, bold lip look.

Planning and Scheduling: As with everything else in your fantasy wedding, planning is key. You’ve already made 50 calls this week to schedule caterers, florists and DJ’s, why not make one more to Sera Bella salon? They are located in Okemos, MI at the Meridian Mall and provide reasonably priced bridal services including hair and makeup for you and your wedding party. Owner of Sera Bella Salon, Melinde Beaubien said “We like working with brides because this is the most important occasion in all women’s lives and we get the chance to share it with them while also showcasing our creativity.” Sooner is always better, but book with your stylist at least four- six months in advance. Two weeks to a month before the wedding, you should have your stylists touch up your hair with a color service if needed and trim your hair. Also a month before the wedding, do a trial run of your wedding day hair and makeup, as advised by Melinde from Sera Bella. Keep track of how long it takes your stylist to complete your look so you know how much time to allow in your day-of schedule (a little wiggle room is always a good idea too!) Tip: Make a timeline for your day of, there a tons of templates online that you can tailor for you specific needs.

Picking a Look That You Love: Whatever look you want to have as a bride, it’s important to make sure it’s one you’ll love forever, not just a whim you went on along with on a Pinterest trend. Pictures of your big day last forever, don’t set yourself up for regrets. Whoa, now there’s a lot of pressure to pick the right hair style and makeup! Do your research. Check Bride getting her hair done before weddingout Pinterest, just make sure it’s something you love, not something everyone else loves. Remember your personal interests and conditions your wedding will be in. For example, an updo might be better for an outdoor wedding to ensure your hair is more windproof and to stay cooler. Keep in mind that you may be wearing a veil or other hair accessory. The possibilities and varieties are endless, have fun with expressing your one unique style. Tip: Don’t forget to whiten your teeth! A fresh smile is something that looks good with all styles,

Communicate with your stylist: After you’ve picked out the style you love, you’ll need to make sure your stylist can see the same vision. Bookmark or print pictures to show them to your stylist. Doing a trial run will also help ensure your look lives up to your expectations on the big day. Also remember that your makeup stylist will come prepared with tons of options for you to choose from. A lot of brides feel the need to provide some of the makeup which really isn’t necessary. By all means, if youhave a favorite shade of lipstick or eyeshadow, ask your stylist to incorporate it into your look just know it’s not expected from you. Tip from stylists: prepare the area you’ll be being beautified in before they arrive. Make sure there’s plenty of outlets for hair tools, chairs, good lighting and space for supplies or schedule your appointments in the salon to avoid this. Sera Bella Salon will even close their salon to allow the bridal party exclusive access and serve breakfast or champagne!

Stylist and makeup artist preparing bride before the wedding in a morningMake it Last: It’s the day of your wedding. Guests have gathered, your groom is patiently waiting at the altar, and you’ve followed these tips and tricks to make sure your bridal look is beautiful beyond expectation. Now, your makeup has to survive through some passionate kissing and maybe a few tears of joy. Your hair has been ruffled by the wind and stroked by great aunts and grandmas telling you how wonderful you look. No worries, all you need is a quick emergency beauty kit to remedy anything you may face. Include bobby pins and hairspray for hair, touch up lipstick (which can double as blush), eye liner and mascara just in case, but use waterproof products in the first place. The next time you get a sample size product, save it for this use. Setting spray does wonders as well, something all stylists will have but in a pinch, a light dusting of hairspray can do the same trick. Reminder: You’ll be touching your dress all evening so try not to touch your face too much and clean hands thoroughly after touch ups.

Featured Vendor: Sera Bella Salon | 517-347-7133 | Meridian Mall 1982 W. Grand River Ave.



Author Bio: Taylor Gorr, LBA Intern, is currently studying journalism and mass communication at Olivet College and will be graduating in May of 2016.