What’s one of the top bridal trends? You guessed it… Lace! Whether it’s on the gown or table, flowy lace designs are definitely in style.

Lace has been in style since the 16thcentury, where its most notable development occurred. It was originally used for embellishing fancy garments and in religious ceremonies.

Through the years it has evolved to use for table linens, cuff sleeves, and other fancy linens.


The tradition of wearing white lace on wedding dresses began to gain popularity after the marriage of Queen Victoria in 1840. Though she was not the first royal to do so, she is credited with creating the tradition of the “White Wedding”

Hundreds of years later, lace is still a trend. Whether a gown is embroidered with lace applique (Where the lace is sewn to the fabric) or features lace built into the actual dress, it’s one of the most important things to consider when looking at styles of dresses.

There are many varieties of lace: Knit, Chantilly, Brocade, Alençon, Ribbon, and Guipure, just to name a few. The names refer to the countries or places of origin and can give hints as to how the fabric will look. For example, Knit lace is what we would consider the model for what we call lace in the modern era. Ribbon lace is more of a vintage design, not as easy to manufacture nowadays. Brocade is printed or embroidered on the fabric of the dress to give it a more subtle lace pattern, and Eyelet lace is more bohemian chic instead of elegant.

If you are considering a lace wedding dress, look up images of wedding styles comparing the types of lace so you can find what works for you.

Eyelet lace on the back of a dress

Don’t think you have the complexion to pull off lace? Not to fear. It is a possibility that you can find dresses with sequins or plain silk, or even consider different shapes of lace.

A smaller print lace may not be the best choice for everyone, but with the many varieties and sizes of lace available now, you can find something that looks more or less traditional to suit you.

Applique lace details










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