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Photographers capture memories and turn them into physical, tangible prints that evoke the same feeling you had on your wedding day every time you see them. With something that important, choosing the right photographer is a task not to be taken lightly. Hawkins Photography knows just how important their job is. To show brides how dedicated they are to providing excellent services, Hawkins Photography does not hold copyright to your images or enact time limits for their services on the day of your wedding. Check out these insider tips from professional photographers, Stacey and Kelly Hawkins.

Things to consider when choosing a photographer:

A good photographer will capture your special moments allowing you to see things that you may not even notice as they happen, but will remain in your heart forever. The right photographer should be someone that makes you feel comfortable – both with his skill, and on a personality level. Pick someone that can make you smile.

Things to know about Hawkins Photography:

Hawkins Photography does not believe that a couple (or specifically the bride) should have to monitor a clock on the wedding day. No one knows when the most amazing memories will happen, but Hawkins Photography knows that it is our job to make sure we are there to capture it.We don’t hold the copyright for a couple of reasons – the first is that we don’t believe you should have to pay to access photos that you paid your photographer to take. The second reason is that we believe that most people today share their photos digitally, not in frames or printed albums. Hawkins Photography also believes that it is critical to attend the rehearsal. The typical bride spends over a year agonizing over the details of her wedding, and we need to know which details are important to the couple and the best possible way to capture them. Your professional photographer should not be chasing after you, but should plan ahead to be waiting for that perfect shot as it happens.


Things your photographer wants you to know:

Please share your plans for special things. Do you have a special ceremony that has special significance? Are you going to do a “first look” before the actual ceremony?  Who are the special people you want photos of? What style of photography do you like?  Are there any unique or special shots you have seen that you like? Flexibility is key.  Trust our experience to make sure you have beautiful photos, but let us know what you like. Also, think about the environment. If its a windy day and you insist on outdoor photos, you will get pictures that show hair blowing in the wind. The photographer will do his best to guide you for the best photos, but probably won’t go so far as to argue with you on your wedding day.

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