Your wedding day is a thrilling one. You are excited to see all of your closest friends and family and they are excited to see you. Your guests have been looking forward to hearing you say your vows, watching you toss the bouquet, and let’s be honest, to drink the night away. You’re wedding is like one big party and most parties aren’t complete without alcohol.

Do drinks right. Following proper bar etiquette on your wedding day will satisfy your guests and make your job easier.

Open bar

If you decide to go the open-bar route, your guests will notice. This is the most cordial route because guests have the freedom to order any drink under the sun. However, for this reason, you can be left with a hefty price tag. Ask yourself what’s important to you and your fiancé. If having awesome alcohol selection is high on your list, go for it.  If not there are ways to moderate the price tag.

Limited bar

A limited bar means less choices. You could offer just beer, wine, and basic mixed drinks. Or you could opt out of mixed drinks altogether and offer your signature drink instead. You can’t please everyone, but you can try. Offering a lite and regular beer and a red and white wine is one way to make guests feel like they have more options.  Also consider a “craft” beer which is very trendy!

Cash bar

This is a slippery slope. If you make guests open their wallets, a number of them will leave your wedding with a sour taste in their mouths. You don’t invite people over for dinner at your home and hand them with a tab on their way out; the same goes for your big day. Only select this option if you are working on a budget so tight you are borrowing your Uncle’s rusted-out ‘79 Pinto Wagon as the limo!

Signature drink

This is your chance to let loose and get creative. Remember, your signature cocktail is a small representation of the wedding as a whole. Consider going the seasonal route. If your wedding is in Spring, embrace it. Embrace the fruity flavors to set a festive, cheery atmosphere.  Think lime, mango, or pineapple. Consider mojitos and martinis with a twist.

Don’t forget, appearances matter. To make your signature drink look as good as it tastes:

  • Use sugar or salt to rim the glasses
  • Garnish with an olive, cherry, or lemon twist
  • Consider using food coloring or liqueurs that give color more than flavor
  • Use stained glasses just for the signature cocktail
  • Consider layered cocktails (sure to be a crowd pleaser)

Whatever options you choose remember this is a once-in-a-lifetime party that you have probably planned for 12-18 months, so be sure you AND your guests have a blast!

Spotlight Vendor:

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Ramada Lansing has been operating for over 30 years! They host thousands of events a year, offering spaces ideal for a wedding of 20 and for 400. The Ramada offers open bar, cash bar, and combinations of both.

Ramada BeerHere are a few things the experts at Ramada Lansing have to say about the bar on your big day:

  • Customize your liquor selection to meet the needs of your group.
  • Try to please your guests, but remember to satisfy you and your groom.
  • Brides! Don’t forget about water. Drink plenty of it throughout the day to keep hydrated.
  • Food is just as important; remember to eat a good breakfast and have a snack just before the ceremony.



Written By: Parisa Rashidi, LBA intern