Rain, rain, go away! Every bride who is planning an outdoor wedding has the same fear that on their special day Mother Nature will not be so kind and rain will pour down from the sky ruining their venue, dress and dreams for a perfect day. Michigan weather is never certain so brides have to be careful and have back-up plans in place in case of these types of bridal emergencies. Many outdoor venues will already have indoor locations available for these types of events but it is important to always talk to your venue about back-up plans. Being over-prepared is always better than the alternative so here are some tips on how to deal with a wet wedding!

Include a rain plan in your invitations or wedding website: Make guests aware of the back-up plan in advance so they will be prepared if it happens. This will save you from hundreds of frantic calls and texts on your big day which is stressful enough.

Beauty+Rain doesn’t have to = Disaster: Talk to your stylist and make-up artist about how to rain-proof your look for the day. Keep back up supplies to do touch-ups throughout the event if you need to. Maybe even stock the bathrooms with some supplies for your guests who may need to do some touch ups as well.

Think about your guests: Provide umbrellas, flip-flops and other rain essentials for your guests if you can so that they won’t be miserable if it rains either. You could even assign someone in the wedding party or someone at the venue to walk guests from their cars to the door so they don’t get wet (Note: this task should most likely be assigned to a male since their hair won’t get ruined).

Stay stylish in the storm: Use the rain as an excuse to buy cute rainboots and matching umbrellas for you and your groom or your whole bridal party! How fun would those unique pictures be?

Make the best of it: Rain is part of life and it can be beautiful! Use the rain to your advantage and take dramatic wedding pictures in the rain with matching umbrellas or a Notebook-style kiss in the rain. You could even write in a cute part into your vows like “for rain or shine” and get a good laugh from the guests. At the end of the night invite your guests to dance in the rain with you as a fun and spontaneous end to your big day!

Most importantly don’t let it ruin your day! Your wedding day will be wonderful and filled with joy no matter what because you are marrying the person you love.