We spoke to a real bride, and asked her to share her wedding planning experience with us!


Interviewed by: Haley Abbas

(We are concealing the bride’s identity to protect the not-so-innocent)


What is your main wedding stress?

The guest list. Worrying about who to invite, and if the people you don’t invite— worrying about offending them. My wedding feels more about trying to accommodate everyone else instead of myself and my future husband.

What is displeasing you about your wedding party?

Their lack of involvement in my wedding planning. I feel like they don’t know how much they are supposed to help me, and what things they are supposed to do.

If you could change certain plans, what would you change and why?

I would probably make it a smaller wedding. When you first get engaged you are excited and you tell everyone about it, and make a lot of promises to invite them. Then when you sit down and see how much everything is going to cost per person, you really start to rethink things. I think it’s okay to be excited about your wedding and to tell people, but you shouldn’t feel obligated to invite them just because you shared with them your excitement about getting married.

What would make you most happy about your wedding day?

If everyone got along (especially my wedding party) and there was no drama. Also, if everything went as scheduled and planned.

What is your biggest fear for your wedding day?

That an uninvited guest will show up. Or, that the florist or caterer will mess something up that cannot be fixed. My wedding has a ton of floral arrangements in it. I must have met with my florist a hundred times now detailing exactly how I want everything. You only get to live this day once, and you invest a lot of time and money into it. So, is it wrong that I want everything to go perfectly?

How are you managing stress the month before your wedding?

By constantly finalizing everything with my vendors. This is crunch time now and even though all the big details are finalized, there is still a hundred minor details that I need to finish. Right now, I am currently trying to figure out what to put under my centerpieces at my wedding; something extremely minor, but still important to complete the overall look. I feel like a wedding is just about a thousand different little details—all coming together to make one big event.

We would like to thank our bride for taking the time to be so candid with us. We wish her all the best with her wedding!

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