Cupcakes are the latest trend in wedding desserts. Cupcakes are a spin on traditional wedding cake. They are easy to serve and convenient for guests to eat. One huge upside to cupcakes is they can come in any flavor! Indecisive brides finally have an option that makes sense from them since they can choose as many flavors as they want. Cupcakes can also be decorated and arranged in an array of adorable ways perfect for any big day!

Candy Bar

Candy bars at weddings are a recent trend. Some brides choose to have a candy bar filled with their favorite sweets instead of a cake or cupcakes. However, some brides choose to have both a candy bar and a cake or cupcakes at their reception. Candy bars can be specialized in tons of creative ways with cool candy containers like mason jars or old milk jugs. Since candy comes in a variety of colors, flavors, shapes and sizes, candy bars can be customized just for your event.


Cake is the most common choice for a wedding reception and there is even a wedding tradition revolving around cutting the cake. Cake is classic and what guests have come to love and know at big events. Cakes can be specialized in many ways including taste, color, size, shape, and even custom toppers!

Cake Pops

Cake pops are little cakes on a stick and if you haven’t tried one yet, you are missing out. Cake pops, similar to cupcakes, come in a variety of flavors, colors and sizes. They are easy to serve and easy to consume and might be the perfect addition to your wedding day!

Dessert Buffets

If you’re a bride who can’t choose just one, then a dessert buffet is the choice for you! Incorporate candy, cupcakes, cakes, pies, macaroons, brownies, and whatever other sweet treats you like into one buffet that your guests  will be sure to love!