yellowbridebouquetThe American Heritage Dictionary describes a flower as: A plant cultivated for its blossoms.  Perhaps some would say—that a flower is a plant cultivated for its meaning.  Flowers may also leave many to wonder how such a thing—can induce an array of emotion. Nevertheless, the flowers in a wedding generally are the first thing a guest sees and can be equally memorable—as the bride’s dress.


Flowers at a Wedding; why?

There appear to be conflicting stories about the origin of wedding flowers.  From providing a wonderful scent at a wedding—a nice way to say, “masking odor” from infrequent bathing rituals in history—to good luck and a gift from nature.  According to the book Marriage Customs of the World, brides in ancient Rome apparently carried three ears of corn. It goes on to say that wedding flowers signify a celebration.


A Matter of Choicepurple-bridal-party-bouquet

The choice of flower combinations is endless.  Some brides may be motivated by a certain color; some by a favorite type of flower.  Other times, a celebrity wedding may influence the choices of some brides.  The trend can be whatever a bride wants it to be; however, she should keep in mind how her flowers will look with the attire of their wedding party. This is where the help of a professional can be of great assistance.

Longevity in the Floral Business = Sound Advice

Smith_Floral_Shop_PicSmith Floral & Greenhouses in Lansing, MI has been in business since 1903.  Their wedding involvement is vast.  “We’ve been doing weddings so long, we are now doing the granddaughters and daughters of women we did weddings for many years before.  “That is really neat and makes us really happy,” says Karen Smith owner.


Other things to consider and advice when choosing wedding flowers are:
  • The date and time of the wedding
    • Florists can only do so many weddings in a day and are very busy at certain times of the year
    • Do-It-Yourself—may not turn out as you want.  Leave it to the professionals and de-stress your wedding planning.  If you do want to DIY—buy your flowers locally to assure freshness and quality.
  • What type of flowers are favored along with quantity and height?
    • Pleasant alternatives can be made available.  “Some brides come in wanting a huge bouquet, but realize after talking about it with us, they really want something more understated,” says Smith.
    • Concerning flower decorations and height; you’ll want to see your guests as they enjoy your reception, so keep that in mind when choosing table centerpieces.
  • The overall theme of the wedding
    • To endure the best possible look, Smith Floral does expert consultations which are included in the price when you book.  After the session, “They usually leave here with some flowers as samples,” says Smith.
  • The strong fragrance strength of the flowers
    • Bear in mind the comfort of individuals who may be allergic to certain flowers or strong scents
  • The color scheme
    • Swatches of  the wedding attire help in the matching process
  • Last but not least; the flower budget


Smith Floral prides itself in working with any budget.  Karen Smith says, “A bride may come in with something in mind (her dream flowers).  But we can give some alternatives that have the same feel, but not be as pricey to help her stay within her budget.”  The Smith Floral skillful designers love working with brides and make every effort to ensure floral brilliance for their special day.

Organic Produce for Good Health

Four years ago, Smith Floral & Greenhouses began growing organic produce.  The co-op environment in which they support is exciting.  This addresses the growing demand for locally grown fruits and vegetables which promotes (and introduces to some) a healthy lifestyle.

Over 100 years of extraordinary service—Smith Floral & Greenhouses.

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cherylheadshot-1Author Bio:
Cheryl Jiminez, LBA Intern, is a former bridal seamstress and consultant.  She recently graduated from Lansing Community College where she majored in Writing and General Studies.