Going to a bridal show can be stressful for brides who are not sure what to do or how it works. These tips and tricks will help you to get through and get the most out of your experience at the upcoming Lansing Bridal Show on Oct. 6!

Tip #1: Make an email address specifically for your wedding. When it comes to getting info on bridal deals from vendors we understand the struggle of having your personal email cluttered with more than what it needs. A great option is to make a special email address dedicated to your wedding plans! It will help keep everything for the date in one place and organized so you don’t lose important information. You can also create an online drive that can store your spreadsheets, paperwork, and address book to share with your wedding planner or bridal party for instant access.

Tip #2: Register with as many vendors as you can. Take advantage of having so many vendors in one place and get your bookings in before their lists fill up. You can always change your mind later, but it’s much harder to get the vendor of your dreams once they’re completely booked. Even if you think that the vendor might not be right for your wedding, you should look at their materials in case there’s something small that would be the perfect addition. You never know when a vendor could turn out to be the perfect fit for your special day!

Tip #3: Know your wedding date, if possible. Choosing your date ahead of time so you can give it to vendors is very important because then they can answer your questions more specifically and prioritize attention to brides with sooner wedding dates when scheduling follow-up meetings. In some cases, they can even start to help you choose colors and themes according to what season your wedding is planned for!

Tip #4: Make information labels. Before you come to the bridal show, print out a sheet or two of premade information labels with your name, your wedding email, phone number, and wedding date. The bridal show is full of many vendor booths where you will be writing your information down, labels will help you get the most out of your interactions with vendors by saving time writing.


Final Tip: Remember that this is fun! Bridal shows are meant to showcase the best of the best for brides to see. Grab a couple of close friends and get as much enjoyment out of the day as you can. The Lansing Bridal show will feature a wedding fashion show, food samples, beautiful decorations, and much more. Spend the afternoon planning the wedding of your dreams!