stressedbrideAs you may have learned wedding season is pretty much all-year-round, which can mean constant planning, constant decision making, constant tasting, venue tours, etc.

To keep yourself from becoming the infamous “Bridezilla” consider these tips to help yourself relax in the midst of the chaotic planning process.

Bridal Yoga:

Yes, this does exist! Hit up your local yoga studio, rather it be hot yoga or zen-like yoga. Yoga is geared to helping you find a focus and meditating on it. Perhaps you’re stressed and torn between two bridal gowns or cant decide on a signature drink, bridal yoga is there to help you gain control of your thoughts and remain happy in the end! How exactly does it work, gather up a few of your friends ( bridesmaids, maid of honor, etc. ) or even start a local group using Facebook. Next, schedule a private yoga session with the best yogi in town. The bottom line is, you’re not alone!

Bridal Bootcamp:

Yes, very similar to Bridal Yoga, but much more intense. Need to release some steam? Has the caterer decided not to include napkins within the total cost of the catering bill? Can’t believe the shenanigans your mother-in-law keeps pulling? Bridal Bootcamp may be for you! Grab a group of your best gals and hit some punching bags and take on a true workout session. Keep in mind, this may also help you fit into that dress you just purchased!

Communication, Communication, Communication!

This is what wedding planners are for! Wedding planners are the voices of their brides. They are there to negotiate and speak up to ensure that their bride has the best day ever! As the bride, do not be afraid to speak your mind, even if some “final’ decisions have already been made. Perhaps you’ve chosen a certain tone of a hue and it doesn’t quite go with the color scheme, but yet the stationary has already been printed! Doesn’t matter, communicating these concerns will ensure that your day is perfect….even down to the little details! I always tell myself, there is a way around everything! Remember, its all in the details!

Lastly, Organization is Key!dontpanic

Staying organized is the key for success when planning a wedding! I personally have purchased Mindy Weiss’ book: “The Wedding Planner & Organizer”. And yes, it does help! Grab a binder, extra pens & highlighters in varying shades, dividers, etc. Do whatever helps you stay organized. Create your own bridal binder! Perhaps you’ll learn a few things along the way, that you can pass on to your friends as they began to plan their nuptials!