wedding flowers

Choosing the right bouquet can be a daunting task. There are so many factors to consider when choosing the perfect floral arrangement. In this segment, we have outlined some different ways to go about choosing the perfect plants for your bridal bouquet, whether you want to choose flowers based on color, season, price, meaning or a combination of all those factors, we’ve got you covered to make sure your bouquet blooms to the occasion.


Choose Flowers By Season

•Daisy  •Sunflower  •Asiatic Lily  •Hydrangea  •Rose  •Orchid  •Gardenia
•Rose  •Orchid  •Sunflower  •Dahlia  •Hydrangea
•Calla Lily  •Rose  •Tulip  •Camellia  •Daffodil  •Hyacinth
•Rose  •Hyacinth  •Peony  •Lilac  •Tulip  •Iris  •Daffodil

Choose Flowers By Color

•Roses  •Carnations  •Cherry Blossoms  •Foxgloves  •Peonies  •Cosmos  •Tulips
•Cornflowers • Grape Hyacinths  •Lupines  •Poppies
•Orchids  •Hydrangeas  •Lavender  •Lilac  •Calla Lilies  •Petunias  •Magnolias
•Roses  •Peonies  •Tulips  •Azaleas  •Hibiscus  •Carnations
•Baby’s Breath  •Calla Lily  •Queen Anne’s Lace  •Rose  •Carnation  •Orchids
•Sunflowers  •Marigolds  •Daffodils  •Roses  •Tulips

Choose Flowers By Price

•Roses and carnations are available year round and are fairly inexpensive.

•Choosing flowers in season and from local vendors can help cut back on the price.

•Gerber daisies are fun and budget friendly.

•Using greenery like leaves can fill out bouquets and keep the cost down.

•Peonies are great but can be pretty pricey, however, peonies are large so you will need fewer peonies to fill out a bouquet.

•Lilies are typically budget busters but are so beautiful they could be worth it.

•Orchids are pricey but look so dramatic and unique in bouquets.


Choose Flowers By Meaning

•Red- Admiration

•White- Innocence and pure love

•Love, beauty and success
•Faithfulness and joyfulness
•Prosperity, happy life and happy marriage
•Red- Love, passion, beauty, courage and respect

•Pink- Admiration, joy, sweetness

•Yellow- Joy, friendship, new beginnings

•White- Purity, innocence, secrecy

•love at first sight
•Sunshine and happiness
•Innocence and purity
•Red- True love

•Purple- Forever love

•Yellow- Hopeless love