The skies are blue, the sun is shinning, the weather is perfect. The bride and groom have just finished reciting their vows. The officiant smiles and says “You may now kiss the bride.” This is the moment you’ve been dreaming of. Your first official kiss as husband and wife. You know that you hired the best professional photographer and/or videographer to capture such a special moment. But, right as your lips touch, Uncle Bob steps into the middle of the aisle, iPad in hand, to get a picture. What he didn’t realize, is that he stepped right in front of the professional photographer and/or videographer, and blocked their opportunity to capture the special moment.


This is something that photographers and videographers have to work around all to often. Not just during the ceremony, but often times you will see people in the background of reception pictures (ie. the couple’s first dance, the parent dances…etc) with their cellphones up and recording. Wouldn’t you rather see the smiling faces of your guests in the background, rather than that hello kitty phone case?

The latest trend is having an Unplugged Wedding. What is an unplugged wedding? The definition of an unplugged wedding is a wedding in which the guests are asked to turn off all their electronic devices (cameras, cellphones, iPads, etc.) throughout the course of the ceremony, or in some instances, throughout the entire day.

Having an unplugged wedding allows your guests to relax, and just enjoy being a guest at your wedding. It also keeps them from getting in the way of your paid professional photographer and/or videographer, allowing them to get high quality, beautiful photographs of all those important, special moments.

How do you inform guests that your wedding is going to be “unplugged”? It’s easy!

• You can just include a little note along with your invitation: We are having an Unplugged Wedding. We want you to be able to relax and have fun with us on our special day! We kindly ask you to put down your cellphone, and/or favorite device and be in the moment with us.

• Have a welcome sign out for your guests to see as they enter your ceremony. There are tons of great signs on Pinterest and Etsy!

• At the beginning of your ceremony, have your officiant make an announcement asking people to put their electronics away and just enjoy the ceremony.

• Include a small note in your program.

unplugged wedding

So, what will your wedding be? Plugged or Unplugged?

Wedding image courtesy of Amber J Photography LLC
Unplugged image from Adobe Stock


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