One of Lansing’s staple bridal shops is very distinct: they’re bright, they’re friendly, and the building is pink!

Pierre’s Bridal in Lansing, is a family-started, owned and operated business that has been providing full-party formal and bridal wear and outstanding customer service since 2002.

The goal of the staff at Pierre’s is to really get to know the bride – sometimes over a period of 2-3 years – on their wedding journey, learning who they are as a person and how that can lead to clues about their dream dress. Pierre’s provides every aspect of bridal party outfitting, including bridal party, bride’s mother, tuxedo and vest rental, and accessories. Everything except the shoes!

Store Manager Sarah Bland met us and gave a head to toe tour of the shop, plus some great advice for dress shopping.

“Having a good audience is important, but make sure the audience knows to wait until the bride says what she thinks before they jump in. Having too many opinions can be overwhelming.”

Sarah showed us a catalog of Mori Lee designs, Pierre’s #1 designer. She often brings out these catalogs if a bride isn’t finding quite the right thing in the shop stock. Most brides come in with Pinterest ideas of what they might like to try, but some brides need some brainstorming. Pierre’s staff is trained how to suggest similar dresses and to look for any style on the many racks. Any budget or body can be accommodated – Pierre’s even has an alterations seamstress in the shop once a week to take sewing orders.

While Pierre’s may not be as boxy and fancy as a chain store, the quality is there. They strive to provide the care and customer service you deserve. Their business mission is to provide excellent care to their brides and give them the best possible experience during their bridal journey. Check out Pierre’s Bridal, winner of the 2017 Best in Bridal Business Award, at the October Bridal show!