Your shoes can affect you at your wedding. Here are some things you may want to consider concerning comfort and style:



  • Height: Probably the top reason that brides choose high heels for their wedding day is because they want to look taller in pictures (especially if their groom is tall). Platforms and stilettoes are frequently the choice here. If you fall in this category and are used to wearing high heels, you should be fine. Chunky heels may be better if you are not accustomed to extra shoe height. Scuff the soles with sandpaper if needed for traction. 

  • Hemlines: Sometimes hemming a wedding gown may be too difficult or not within your budget. Rather than to have the dress dragging everywhere, a higher heel may be chosen. However, consideration MUST be given to shoes that have beads (or other ornamentation) that could catch at the hemline.


  • Shoe Love: There are so many beautiful choices for wedding shoes. You may simply fall in love with a particular shoe. Vivid colors to complement the wedding theme and specialty footwear such as cowboy boots are sometimes chosen.

wedding heels
cute weddig shoes


  • From Under Your Dress: Your feet are on display at your wedding whether during the garter toss, or at other times during your ceremony. You may want a certain look in your pictures or you may not be concerned as much with this. (Bare feet are quite customary at a beach wedding; even for the bridal party and guests!). Sneakers are fun and full of comfort.

amber j photography sneakers

Whatever you choose, keep in mind the location of your wedding and COMFORT. Don’t forget to wear your shoes before your wedding to stretch them out if needed. Insoles can help. Also, bring an extra pair of shoes (ex: flip flops or slippers) to your wedding if you need to—just in case.


If your feet need a break at your wedding, TAKE YOUR SHOES OFF AND WIGGLE YOUR TOES; IT’S YOUR WEDDING!

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Written by Cheryl Jiminez

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