Michigan Wildlife Conservancy

Planning your wedding for early spring or late fall can be a little touch-and-go. When you live somewhere like Michigan, late snow melt or early fall rains can cause surprise flooding and unpredictable temperatures.

But what can you do when you’ve sent the invitations and flights have been booked?

First, check in with your venue. Many venues, like LBA’s partner The Michigan Wildlife Conservancy are prepared to deal with outdoor weather by providing a covered place to hold your ceremony. If there is a sudden break in the clouds, you can dash out onto the lawn to get your picture-perfect “I do!” before coming back inside to celebrate on their glass-covered patio.
More info on The Michigan Wildlife Conservancy here.

The Northfork Estate

Many of our partner venues have an established plan for if the weather changes; our partner Marta at The Northfork Estate says they are always prepared for the chance of inclement weather. The week leading up to the wedding, they monitor the weather closely and during the rehearsal for the ceremony, they run through the outdoor and indoor ceremony with the bridal party, so there are no surprises and everyone knows what they need to do and where they need to be on the day of the big event in either scenario.

“We wait until the absolute last minute to call the outdoor wedding and move it inside – for instance if it’s raining in the morning but clears up in the early afternoon, we will still hold the ceremony outside.  If we do need to go with Plan B everyone is prepared and it runs flawlessly.  Our plan B option at Northfork is to get married on or around the dance floor with guests either surrounding the bride and groom on the dance floor or seated at their tables – it all depends on the size of the guest list.  We’ve been very fortunate weather wise and are hoping Mother Nature complies again this year!”
More info about the Northfork Estate here.

Bridge Street Wedding Chapel

Not an option for your pre-selected venue? Consider another venue. It may not be exactly what you envisioned originally, but an indoor chapel like Bridge Street Wedding Chapel LLC can be booked for an intimate gathering of family and friends for your special day.
More information on Bridge Street Wedding Chapel here.

But what if that just isn’t possible?

Sometimes the weather can be really unpredictable. If you are concerned about your special day but want to go through with your venue plans, consider adding some extra items to your décor. Umbrellas can be purchased in bulk and put into decorated holders at the top of the aisles, if you are wearing a long gown, maybe change out your heels for a pair of white galoshes that you can have your wedding details inscribed on. You can even share your first kiss as a married couple underneath an umbrella, just like in the romantic movies. Search up weather-proofing ideas for your wedding on crafty websites like Pinterest or ask your wedding planner for suggestions.

Still need a wedding planner? Check out our website’s selection of partner planners here.

Whatever the weather, we want your wedding day to be special.