Should you, or should you not tip your wedding vendor? This is an interesting question and one asked by many brides.

1. Some of you may think you are not required to tip the people who serviced your wedding—and you are certainly right. But this is voluntary and done with discretion where tipping is allowed. Also, find out if a gratuity is included in your vendor contract so there are no misunderstandings.

2. You can assign your wedding coordinator, the best man or woman—to give out tips. They can be prepared in envelopes and delivered after your wedding. This frees you and your new spouse from having to worry about it.

3. You can give a vendor a corsage or boutonniere to wear. All vendors should be given a thank you card, and pictures (for their website where applicable). Ask for business cards and refer them to your friends and family. The Lansing Bridal Association always appreciates honest feedback and referrals for their award-winning efforts!

Who you should tip:

Vendor Amount When to Tip
Hairstylist & Make-Up Artist 15% – 20%  At the end of the service
Wedding Transportation 10% – 15% of your total bill At the end of the night or after the last ride.
Bartenders 10% – 15% of your total bill

(make sure to check your contract to make sure it wasn’t already included.)

At the end of the night
Alter boys or girls $10 – $15 each
Valet Parking Attendants $1 – $2 per car

(can give more if they are getting cars in bad weather, such as snow or rain)


 15% –20 % of the food and drink fee

(again, check to make sure this wasn’t already covered in your contract)

At the end of the night you can give it to the matre d’
Restroom and/or Coatroom Attendants

$1 – $2 per guest

(may be included in venue contract)

Officiant Donate $50 – $150 to the church or synagog, and it is optional to tip the officiant directly an additional $50-$100.

Who is optional to tip:

Vendor Amount When to tip
Business Owners Your discretion You don’t have to tip the owner of a business, unless you believe that they have gone beyond the call of duty, and you’d like to show then your appreciation.
Ceremony or Reception Musicians $15-$25 per musician At the end of the night (or service if they are only there for part of the day)
DJ’s $50 – $150 I have made this one bold because if your DJ is the company owner, it is optional to tip them. However, if your DJ works for the company (but is not the owner) it is generally preferred to give them a tip.
Photography and Videographer $50 – $200 Same as DJ’s. If the photographer/videographer owns the company, tipping is considered optional. If you were happy with their service it is nice (and appreciated) gesture to send a thank you note.
Florist Not necessary, but you can tip the delivery staff and/or set-up staff.

$10 – $15 per person.

Wedding Cake Delivery/Set-up $5 – $10 per person
Wedding Coordinator $50
Wedding Planner 15% or a personal gift At the end of the night
Banquet, Catering Manager or
Maitre D’
$200+ At the end of the night

I NEVER expect a tip. I’ve gotten tipped a handful of times, and every time I was surprised. My goal is to give my clients the best possible service I can; with or without a tip. I just want their wedding day to be as stress-free (on my end) as possible and to give them a physical representation of memories that will last forever. I love getting handwritten thank you notes from couples!

Amber Johnston

Photographer - Owner, Amber J Photography LLC

Written by Cheryl Jiminez (with inspiration from Amber Johnston; owner of Amber J Photography LLC)
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