Bride-to-Be “Jane,” was a model of organization and calmness during her wedding planning. She was so excited about her much-anticipated dream wedding. But when certain wedding issues began to bubble up, she unraveled emotionally and morphed into “something.”

There is a phenomenon that may affect ceremonies both big and small. Some brides think it will never happen to them. But some may find themselves at odds with nearly everyone—while planning the most wonderful day of their lives. Dieting, money woes, soon-to-be in-laws, and a thousand other things—can make this bride flip out.

I have come up with a few categories (which is by no means totally inclusive) to examine this world-wide occurrence:

1. The Well-Meaning Bridezilla: This bride is nice and semi-palatable for the most part. “Quietly overwhelmed” is her motto, and no one seems to understand what she’s going through. Her behavioral characteristics may include: being teary-eyed over wedding scenarios that no one thought of, and exhausting her wedding planner about things that won’t matter. This bride may just need a shoulder, neck, or chest to cry on. It’s a matter of being reassuring, and having a box of tissue (or those cool-looking travel sizes) handy. You may want to put this bride on speaker phone and multitask.


2. The Off and On Bridezilla: This bride could be compared to a bowl of spicy salsa—too much for some; but not for others. This bride is okay at times—but has triggers. The key is finding and avoiding them while promoting peacefulness. A group relaxation event may help. This bride may text phones or post on social media until she gets her point across. Assigning a special ringer and alerts to her (phone number) may help you avoid her periodic “wedding turbulence.”


3. The United State of Disorganization Bridezilla: She is doing her wedding herself, but things aren’t getting done. No one in the wedding party knows what they are supposed to be doing (or when). Balancing a wedding and everything else in her life—has turned her into a “stress ball.” The groom may try to help, but it just isn’t the help she needs. She may enlist help from professionals (sometimes at the last minute) who will kindly pull her out of a “Do It Yourself” (DIY) nightmare.



4. Bridezilla Unchained and Uncensored: There is no reason—why you should try to reason—with this “princess-minded” bride. She may be commonly identified by using the word “perfect” repeatedly. However, failure may be an option; but not concerning this bride’s wedding. There may be a light at the end of the tunnel. It could be this bride coming towards everyone—with more demands for perfection. This bride may not be remembered for what she wore—but rather—how she swore. During the wedding planning (and especially at the rehearsal)—show up where you need to be—and do what you’re told—because YOUR best interest may depend on it.



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Written by Cheryl Jiminez

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