Lacey and Lovin’ It!

What’s one of the top bridal trends? You guessed it… Lace! Whether it’s on the gown or table, flowy lace designs are definitely in style.

Lace has been in style since the 16thcentury, where its most notable development occurred. It was originally used for embellishing fancy garments and in religious ceremonies.

Through the years it has evolved to use for table linens, cuff sleeves, and other fancy linens.


The tradition of wearing white lace on wedding dresses began to gain popularity after the marriage of Queen Victoria in 1840. Though she was not the first royal to do so, she is credited with creating the tradition of the “White Wedding”

Hundreds of years later, lace is still a trend. Whether a gown is embroidered with lace applique (Where the lace is sewn to the fabric) or features lace built into the actual dress, it’s one of the most important things to consider when looking at styles of dresses.

There are many varieties of lace: Knit, Chantilly, Brocade, Alençon, Ribbon, and Guipure, just to name a few. The names refer to the countries or places of origin and can give hints as to how the fabric will look. For example, Knit lace is what we would consider the model for what we call lace in the modern era. Ribbon lace is more of a vintage design, not as easy to manufacture nowadays. Brocade is printed or embroidered on the fabric of the dress to give it a more subtle lace pattern, and Eyelet lace is more bohemian chic instead of elegant.

If you are considering a lace wedding dress, look up images of wedding styles comparing the types of lace so you can find what works for you.

Eyelet lace on the back of a dress

Don’t think you have the complexion to pull off lace? Not to fear. It is a possibility that you can find dresses with sequins or plain silk, or even consider different shapes of lace.

A smaller print lace may not be the best choice for everyone, but with the many varieties and sizes of lace available now, you can find something that looks more or less traditional to suit you.

Applique lace details










Check out our list of vendors for suggestions on dress shops selling the best of lace gowns. With our Fall Bridal Show coming up in October, there are plenty of opportunities to find something you love!

Vendor Spotlight: Pierre’s Bridal

One of Lansing’s staple bridal shops is very distinct: they’re bright, they’re friendly, and the building is pink!

Pierre’s Bridal in Lansing, is a family-started, owned and operated business that has been providing full-party formal and bridal wear and outstanding customer service since 2002.

The goal of the staff at Pierre’s is to really get to know the bride – sometimes over a period of 2-3 years – on their wedding journey, learning who they are as a person and how that can lead to clues about their dream dress. Pierre’s provides every aspect of bridal party outfitting, including bridal party, bride’s mother, tuxedo and vest rental, and accessories. Everything except the shoes!

Store Manager Sarah Bland met us and gave a head to toe tour of the shop, plus some great advice for dress shopping.

“Having a good audience is important, but make sure the audience knows to wait until the bride says what she thinks before they jump in. Having too many opinions can be overwhelming.”

Sarah showed us a catalog of Mori Lee designs, Pierre’s #1 designer. She often brings out these catalogs if a bride isn’t finding quite the right thing in the shop stock. Most brides come in with Pinterest ideas of what they might like to try, but some brides need some brainstorming. Pierre’s staff is trained how to suggest similar dresses and to look for any style on the many racks. Any budget or body can be accommodated – Pierre’s even has an alterations seamstress in the shop once a week to take sewing orders.

While Pierre’s may not be as boxy and fancy as a chain store, the quality is there. They strive to provide the care and customer service you deserve. Their business mission is to provide excellent care to their brides and give them the best possible experience during their bridal journey. Check out Pierre’s Bridal, winner of the 2017 Best in Bridal Business Award, at the October Bridal show!

Beat Your Jet Lag Fast and Enjoy Your Honeymoon with these Tips and Tricks

Beat Your Jet Lag Fast and Enjoy Your Honeymoon with these Tips and Tricks, courtesy of The Sleep Help Institute.

Congratulations on your nuptials, newlyweds! You made it through the big day that cemented your relationship for the whole world to see, and hopefully, you had a great time. Now it’s time for the honeymoon, where you can spend all of your time with your honey. You’ll want to enjoy as much of this vacation as you can. With these tips and tricks, jet lag won’t stop you from having fun with your partner.

Put some strategically placed naps in your itinerary

When you’re planning your travels, schedule some naps in the first few days. You should try and stay up until your usual bedtime at least every night to help your circadian rhythm adjust to your new time zone, so don’t nap too long or too close to bedtime.

Spend some time in the sun

Spending time in the sun, particularly in the mornings, can help your circadian rhythm, or body clock, reset and re-learn when it’s supposed to be awake.

Watch your diet & plan meals early

Avoid caffeine and nicotine within 6 hours of bedtime, as they stay in your system for a while. Plan your meals for a few hours before bed as well, as eating heavy meals right before bed can disrupt your sleep later in the night. If you’re drinking alcohol, try to leave four hours between the end of your last drink and tucking yourself in for bed. Alcohol may make it easier for you to fall asleep, but it also makes it harder to stay asleep, according to the Huffington Post.

You should also make sure you’re drinking plenty of water throughout the day!

Do what you can to make the hotel more comfortable

There isn’t a whole lot you can do to adjust the hotel to your own needs, but there are some things you can try. Where at home, you can choose a comfortable mattress for you and your partner, most hotels don’t offer different types of beds. Ask for more pillows if you need them, or darker curtains to block out the sun for naps. You can also bring in air fresheners with soothing smells, such as lavender or chamomile, or turn the temperature down in your room at night.

Try natural supplements

If you’re struggling to get to sleep at night, try having a cup of chamomile tea or tea with valerian root in it. You can also try taking an over the counter pill of melatonin, the chemical that your body releases to tell your brain that it needs to go to sleep. This pill can help your body adjust to its new time zone.

Get intimate with your partner

It’s your honeymoon, so spend some quality time in bed with your new spouse! When you’ve both been satisfied, your bodies will release a hormone called oxytocin that will help you get to sleep.

Believe it or not, the more well-rested you are, the more likely you are to have a healthy level of sexual desire.

These tips courtesy of The Sleep Help Institute, a trusted source for mattress recommendations and sleep help.

Vendor Feature: Bliss Salon & Boutique

Nestled in Waverly, MI just ten minutes from downtown Lansing, is a hidden gem. Bliss Salon & Boutique (formerly Bliss Salon), which has been a member of the Lansing beauty community for over ten years, is renewing their look!

Menu flavors for spa treatments change regularly!

From the beginning, Bliss has prided themselves on their personalized care and attention to detail. Their top priority is the training and maintaining of their stylists and specialists, providing many opportunities for further education and training to their staff. They provide hair cuts and styles, nail services, Bare Minerals makeup, and specialize in Bridal Services.

A view of the barn wood decor and boutique expansion

Now, their expansion provides more space to do all that, plus a little more. They now have a boutique attached to the salon, providing new and hip locally-sourced products for customers to peruse and enjoy.

Lexan Cranfill, bridal coordinator at Bliss, says that their mission is the center of their operations. “When you are here, let go, relax and have fun with us.” Bliss strives to provide “a positive environment, encouraging and supporting one another.” This shows in the care and attention to every detail put into not only the whole aesthetic of their business, but also put into supporting and educating their staff.



Not only do their stylists provide the latest looks and best possible services, but they feature several Redkin certified stylists in color and design. Well-educated and trained stylists are just what a bridal party needs for the big day, ensuring a bride positively glows with confidence in her chosen look. You can see samples of their work on their Facebook page here:


“Brides come in with such a specific idea of hair and makeup for the wedding day, our stylists are trained to replicate – a team that doesn’t have that [education and training] might not be able to give them what they’re looking for.” Lexan added. Bliss prides itself on its wedding packages, ranging from simple services for a little pre-wedding pampering to pre-honeymoon waxing and relaxing (learn more).

In addition to on-site services like massage, waxing, and nails, Bliss’ team travels off site. They even utilize their own photographer to give brides and intimate photo collection of all the preparation put into the big day.

“We love everything in the realm of weddings, we’ve always done well but we want to grow.”

Bliss is celebrating their new renovation and re-opening this weekend! Join them April 13th and 14th from 9-5, check out the boutique, enjoy a drink, and maybe try a spa treatment or two. The relaxing and cozy atmosphere will instantly put you at ease and you’ll feel welcomed as soon as you walk in the door.

Visit Bliss Salon & Boutique for more information!



The Bridal Color of the Year is HERE! (And We Love It)

Barbs Designs, LLC

The bridal color of the year is here, and we love it!

Have you heard? The color of the year is here. Pantone has announced that the color of the year, and the winner is … “Ultra Violet”!

Ultra Violet is a deep purple with blue and grey tones. This shade works great with darker and lighter purples, and we are here for it.

Bashes By Barbie, LLC

Purple is a great color for a wedding for several reasons: First, there are so many shades. You can easily use violet as your main color and compliment it with lighter shades of lilac or lavender.

Purple also compliments other color schemes like: silver and green, white and grey, or pink and yellow. Here is a fun color scheme our partner Barbie of Bashes By Barbie, LLC (more info) used in a recent wedding: violet, tangerine, and lime!

“Violet is a great and upcoming color.” Says Barb of Barbs Designs LLC  (more info), one of LBA’s partners who specializes in floral design and linens. “The colors of the last few years were starting to wear out.” (If you weren’t keeping up with the bridal trends last year, the colors of the year were blush and navy)

While those are an interesting combo and well utilized by our wedding designers, we can all agree that are excited to jump right in to shades of purple for this bridal season.

Bashes By Barbie, LLC

As you can see, purple in the clothing of the bridal party looks sharp and clean against the white of the bride’s dress and black jacket worn by the groom. Purple is also versatile in that it can be tailored to flatter any skin tone by using warmer or cooler shades.

Purple also works well with any sort of greenery, which can be an asset when planning your floral selections.


Bashes By Barbie, LLC

As seen in these bouquets created by Barbie at Bashes By Barbie, LLC there are many flowers that fall into the category of purple.

Lilacs, tulips and lilies all come in various shades from lighter mauves to darker violets. Roses of many colors can be used as accents.

Barbs Designs LLC


These centerpieces made of clear glass, water, and orchids made by Barbs Designs LLC compliment the deep lilac and white color scheme used on these tables. Orchids are another flower that comes in many shades and sizes.

Barbs Designs LLC



Looking for a less traditional flower choice? Consider thistles, button mums, and lavender. Paired with roses and greenery, these choices make for a more non-traditional and unique arrangement.



Barbs Designs, LLC


Purple is such a playful and elegant color, who can resist adding it to their wedding color scheme? With so many options for accents and pairings, it’s guaranteed to set your wedding apart any way you utilize it. From small accents in the boutonnieres to bridesmaid dresses to linens and flower arrangements, purple and the colors it encompasses are there to help. Whether you pair purple with other colors, metals, clear glass, greenery, or even shades of itself, purple can be adapted for every bride’s needs.


Visit our website to get set up with a wedding planner or florist today!

What to do When Weather and Weddings Don’t Mesh

Michigan Wildlife Conservancy

Planning your wedding for early spring or late fall can be a little touch-and-go. When you live somewhere like Michigan, late snow melt or early fall rains can cause surprise flooding and unpredictable temperatures.

But what can you do when you’ve sent the invitations and flights have been booked?

First, check in with your venue. Many venues, like LBA’s partner The Michigan Wildlife Conservancy are prepared to deal with outdoor weather by providing a covered place to hold your ceremony. If there is a sudden break in the clouds, you can dash out onto the lawn to get your picture-perfect “I do!” before coming back inside to celebrate on their glass-covered patio.
More info on The Michigan Wildlife Conservancy here.

The Northfork Estate

Many of our partner venues have an established plan for if the weather changes; our partner Marta at The Northfork Estate says they are always prepared for the chance of inclement weather. The week leading up to the wedding, they monitor the weather closely and during the rehearsal for the ceremony, they run through the outdoor and indoor ceremony with the bridal party, so there are no surprises and everyone knows what they need to do and where they need to be on the day of the big event in either scenario.

“We wait until the absolute last minute to call the outdoor wedding and move it inside – for instance if it’s raining in the morning but clears up in the early afternoon, we will still hold the ceremony outside.  If we do need to go with Plan B everyone is prepared and it runs flawlessly.  Our plan B option at Northfork is to get married on or around the dance floor with guests either surrounding the bride and groom on the dance floor or seated at their tables – it all depends on the size of the guest list.  We’ve been very fortunate weather wise and are hoping Mother Nature complies again this year!”
More info about the Northfork Estate here.

Bridge Street Wedding Chapel

Not an option for your pre-selected venue? Consider another venue. It may not be exactly what you envisioned originally, but an indoor chapel like Bridge Street Wedding Chapel LLC can be booked for an intimate gathering of family and friends for your special day.
More information on Bridge Street Wedding Chapel here.

But what if that just isn’t possible?

Sometimes the weather can be really unpredictable. If you are concerned about your special day but want to go through with your venue plans, consider adding some extra items to your décor. Umbrellas can be purchased in bulk and put into decorated holders at the top of the aisles, if you are wearing a long gown, maybe change out your heels for a pair of white galoshes that you can have your wedding details inscribed on. You can even share your first kiss as a married couple underneath an umbrella, just like in the romantic movies. Search up weather-proofing ideas for your wedding on crafty websites like Pinterest or ask your wedding planner for suggestions.

Still need a wedding planner? Check out our website’s selection of partner planners here.

Whatever the weather, we want your wedding day to be special.

Valentine’s Day is done, now what?

After the rose petals and Valentine’s treats are cleared away, you may find yourself wondering: “Valentine’s Day was a great way to keep the romance going after our initial engagement, but what can I do to keep the same romantic feelings going up until The Big Day?”

Your next few months may look like a mad rush of work, planning, and careful saving up for your wedding. But that doesn’t mean you and your partner have to put the romance on hold.

The first thing to do is open the lines of communication with your partner. You may not be the only one feeling like you need to do a little something special in between Valentine’s Day and your Wedding Day. You may be feeling maxed out on time and money. Your partner will be key in orchestrating something you both can enjoy while putting aside your worries for a while. There’s no need to plan a large vacation in order to enjoy yourselves, think small and intimate, allowing you to focus completely on your fiancée.

Having a hard time getting started on romantic plans? We’ve compiled some ideas to prompt you in the right direction.

First, start small.

Let’s think local: is there something you’ve been putting off for a while? Visiting a local museum or park? Catching a Broadway show at one of the local theaters? A sporting event? Get away from home with a one-night or weekend stay at one of our partners in Lansing: Comfort Inn Lansing, located off I-69 and within walking distance of several attractions. Some rooms at this establishment even feature in-room Jacuzzi tubs. If you would prefer something more central to East Lansing with a higher-end feel, visit our partner The East Lansing Marriott at University Place. Taking the time to book an affordable room can set you and your partner at ease, enjoying the home-away-from home feel of a spacious, clean room. You can use the time to catch up on some of the joint decisions of the wedding planning or put that away for the weekend and just enjoy each other’s company.If you’re a couple considering one of our venues for the ceremony, why not spend a night there to test it out? Our friends at The English Inn, are happy to welcome you to their cozy and elegant B&B-style venue, located in Eaton Rapids off Highway 99. This venue is in high demand during the summer so booking as early as possible will ensure you and your fiancée have everything you need to enjoy yourselves, whether it be for the wedding, or a romantic weekend get-a-way.

If you and your partner want to plan something even a little bigger, try looking up hotels in Michigan with attractive features like waterfront views or in-room Jacuzzi tubs. Spend a short weekend enjoying great views outdoors or stay in and enjoy each other’s company. No matter the couple, even just a night away can re-kindle the spark of engagement when the fanfare of Valentine’s Day and initial celebrations die down.

But even if you can’t take the time to spend a night away from home with your partner, there are small things you can do to keep the passion going. Establishing a date night can be critical not only for your cohabitation life, but also for your married life. In a publication titled “”Date Nights,” “Strengthen Marriages,” The Marriage Foundation studied couples who established regular date nights and found that couples who went on at least one monthly date were 17-27% less likely to split up. Marriage educators recommend (especially if you have busy schedules) planning a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly date night as specific time to check in with your partner and take time away from the busy stress of life, which goes double for couples in the throes of planning their special day.

So, as you finish off the wine and chocolate of this extra-special Valentine’s Day with your fiancée, don’t fret about how to keep the passion going all the way to the big day. Voice your concerns with your partner and plan regular date nights, if not time away with each other. Your bodies and minds will thank you for the refreshing draw of a clean bed and in-room Jacuzzi with one of Lansing Bridal’s partner hotels, and your wedding savings won’t feel the hit of a big vacation right before the big day.

5 Things You Should Discuss with Your Fiancée Before the Wedding

After many years of practicing family law and sitting through hundreds of hours of consultations with potential divorce clients, there are at least five things you should discuss before marriage to ensure continued marital bliss.

  1. Intimacy.  This probably isn’t the lead in you expected from an attorney.  But, it is a critical component of marriage.  Understand your own body issues.  Ensure you both of you are comfortable practicing clear communication regarding expectations and needs.
  2. Finances.  There should be a serious discussion of the marriage.  How will money be handled both day-to-day and long-term?  Will you keep separate accounts or joint or both? Will you share bills or split bills?  What is the maximum amount one may spend without consultation with the other? The discussion should also include a plan for saving money including the handling of investments and retirement accounts.
  3. Division of Labor.  Currently, most homes have two working spouses so household chores can be a serious area of contention.  Resentment over chores can develop into a bitter score card.  Chores are not always going to be split 50/50 and sometimes a spouse might bear the burden of 100% of the chores. Remember you are a team working together to accomplish the same goal.
  4. Children.  There should be a discussion about how you plan to raise the children.  Where will they go private or public school?  How will you discipline them?  What religion will you teach them?  What extracurricular activities will you encourage?  Parenting is challenging enough, even when you are on the same page philosophically.  Entering into this commitment with extremely different views only adds to the challenge, and often not to the benefit of parent or child.
  5. Family obligations.  You choose to marry your fiancée; however, the in-laws are an added bonus.  There may also be exes with child custody orders that will dictate your new married schedule.  The new marriage is not going to be a reason to modify a custody agreement so it should not be expected that the schedule will change after the marriage.  How much time do you spend with your family now? How much time do you expect to spend with them once you’re married? What holidays do you spend with your in-laws? Do child custody orders dictate holidays? What’s your plan for giving all the families equal time with you/your children during the major holidays?

These discussions may be difficult; however, they should be helpful to ensure that you are on the same page.  Life is hard, these discussions before marriage should make a joint life a lot easier.  And, ideally, keep you out of my office.

2018 Winter Bridal Show Winners

Grand Prize Winners

Stephanie Lowe and fiance Danus Cook will be spending a fabulous 2 night stay at The Inn at Stonecliffe on Mackinac Island. They will also receive ferry passes, round trip shuttle passes and Dinner for 2 at Cudahy Chophouse!

Amanda Lamphere has won a stunning wedding dress (up to $1000 in value) from America’s Bride!


Congratulations to our door prize winners!

Check for your name (or your fiance’s name) to see if you won. Names are listed in alphabetical order by bride’s last name!
To receive your prize, please contact the vendor. Vendors in Blue – Click their name to be taken to their contact info.

Berqman, Kendra
(Gerald Mick)

Cakes a Bloomin

Cakes a blooming certificate

Brozek, Kathy

Coldwater Barbecue

$25 gift certificate

Corder, Ellen
(Ryan Beyea)

Inspired Home Real Estate and Staging

$50 gift card from inspired homes

Cox, Courtney
(John Shinners)

Peacock Road Tree Farm

Hayride and bonfire party

Fouts, Renee

Bashes by Barbie

Wedding project book

Fudge, Kristin
(Anthony Osborne)

Pure Romance

Pink makeup bag with gift cards

Gagneau, Kelsey
(Keeton Rose)

Javita Weight Loss

Contact Person: Lana Guyton

Javita sample

Gallagher, Samantha
(Cody Cords)

Smith Floral

$100 Gift Certificate

Greene, LaVane

Bed Bath and Beyond

Philips Sonicare Toothbrushes

Herndom, Laurie
(Steve Pollie)

University Club

Gift Basket with champange

Kramen, Jenna
(Brent Campbell)

Northfork Estate

Light blue gift bag

Kyser, Kara

Coldwater Barbecue

$25 gift certificate

Lee, Stephanie

Centennial Acres Golf

Gift certificate

Letters, Rebecca
(Nale Massa)


Gift Certificate

Meeker, Allison
(Dan Cooper)


Contact Person: Kellie Porter

Pink Makeup Bag

Moore, Hannah Joy
(Cody Hunter

Light RX Face and Body

$250 Gift Certificate

Nykamp, Tony
(Shawn Buckland)

Harte and Soul Photography

$350 engagement session

Pratt, Sarah
(Lewis Harrison)

Cakes a Bloomin

Cakes a blooming certificate

Salas, Megan
(Ben Weber)

Williams Sonoma

Contact Person: Chelsea Fluharty

Wine glasses

Smith, Kara
(Zakery Nichols)

Faucett Photography

Free Engagement Photo Session (Piece of Paper)

Sutherland, Katie
(Kyle Lorkanski)

Milestone Barn

Best Wishes Grey Gift Bag

Taylor, Rebecca
(Joshua Roungel)

Charlar Place

Colorful Gift Bag

Turner, Cheyenne
(Andrew Peters)

Hawkins Photography

Visa $25 giftcard

Voughn, Taylor
(Zach Menosky)

Hyacinth House

Gift Card

Weiker, Jordyn
(Gary Dekett)

Matrimony and More

Gift Bag

Wellwood, Chelsea
(Justin Kristofferson)

Hyacinth House

Gift Card

The Show Man

The room changes when Chase Nobis enters. Suddenly—people gather around him to hear what he has to say. But behind his—what many would call—energetic “rock star persona” and “boyish good looks”—lies a brilliant entrepreneur with the business of weddings on his mind.

Since 2009, Chase Nobis has been the stalwart leader of the Lansing Bridal Association (LBA), which produces the most successful bridal shows in Mid-Michigan. Thousands of people have no problem showing up—to see the world of weddings at its finest. Nobis greets brides and grooms personally as he “works HIS room.” He could very well be likened to a “maestro” waving the wand to his orchestra of wedding vendors; fine tuning their precise placement; and coordinating timing to show off their best harmoniously. He allows other business vendors such as realtors and legal consultants (in their blog) to showcase as well—all for the benefit of brides and their families.

To make things work in LBA, Chase Nobis surrounds himself with a trusted—tight inner circle made up of a board of directors, an executive assistant, interns and volunteers. Interns are screened and carefully chosen to work on many day-to-day tasks. On any given day, he may show up in shorts and change into a suit or tuxedo—depending on what needs to get done. He’s a man of many talents and versatility.

I sat down with Mr. Nobis to go more in depth about what he does:

Why did you focus on the bridal industry?
“I recognized a need for businesses in the wedding industry to reach brides. We started the West Michigan Bridal Association back in 2004 just for that reason. You see, I couldn’t get into bridal shows to get enough leads and make connections and sales. So we started that as a non-profit 501c3 and put on bridal shows to connect wedding vendors with the multitude of brides in West Michigan.

And the same thing was true in Lansing—there was a need—because no one else had produced a bridal show in the fall that went anywhere. They were very unsuccessful in the past and I knew they were possible; it just needed someone to take the “bull by the horns” and run with it. That’s when I put together a great a group of wedding leaders to help get it started because it’s a team effort. It’s not me—it’s not one person—it’s a team effort. But my company benefits from this by being in the bridal show just like all of the other vendors. So that’s what I get out of it.”

What is your favorite part of the job (the LBA)?
“I love the day of the bridal show. Seeing brides excited and giddy about meeting all of the potential vendors and the excitement of their wedding; you can see it in their eyes and all the fun they’re having. One of my other favorite parts is having the interns on staff with us. Man, they are dynamic, they are fun, they are educated and are educating me—we couldn’t do it without them. I learn so much about the business. They are leading the way in social media marketing and better ways to communicate with our target demographic—which is 26 year old women.”

If you could structure anything any differently, what would you do; and how would you do it?
“I think I’d like to do more bridal shows throughout the year, but that takes time to build.”

Is there anything that has gone wrong?
“Oh yeah, there’s politics involved in this business. For example, if someone doesn’t like their booth placement, there can get some sore feelings. That’s why we have a board of directors; so it’s not just a dictatorship where I say this is how things are going to be. There are checks and balances, and we have leaders in the industry to make sure everything is fair for all vendors. It doesn’t mean a particular vendor isn’t going to be unhappy with our decisions; but we know and we can trust that the decisions we make as a board are benefiting all of the association—and not just one person. That’s important.”

What is your educational background?
“I have a degree in journalism from Michigan State University. I started out with an emphasis in broadcasting as I wanted to be a news anchor. I started out as a DJ right out of college, for the company I eventually bought. Who knew I would buy Complete weddings + events and then 25 years later— I’m still running that wedding company. Complete weddings + events has become one of the largest wedding companies in the United States.

I’m really not using my journalism degree much because there are people that are on our staff that are far better than I. But it really got me into the wedding industry and I really appreciate having that educational background–even though it’s not directly suited to what I’m doing now. Life experience has gotten me where I am though.”

How do you balance family time, the Bridal Association and other business ventures?
“I think one of the most important things about success is the people you surround yourself with. And finding good people that have a common value, business ethic, and common goals is critically important. The LBA has a board of directors and interns that are all striving to do just that. Frankly, like I said, it’s not one person; it’s all of us. Even the other members make the LBA successful—so it’s not all on my shoulders at all.

And then, in my full-time business as well, Complete Weddings + Events; I have great staff. Each department has it’s own manager, so the head of that department is the person that I work with. I have an operations manager who’s phenomenal—who helps take most of the workload off.

Now I’ve gotten to the point that one of my luxuries in this business that most people in this business don’t have—is that I don’t work weekends! Except the bridal show! I truly enjoy my weekends as that’s my family time. It’s important to me that I can go home at night and spend the time with my family. There’s minor things here and there that I need to address, but I know if I need to; I can devote one hundred percent to my time to my family and the other stuff will wait. And I’ve got good people who can figure it out.”

Anything else you’d like to tell everyone?

“I think one of the big things I want to make sure that people understand is that the LBA is designed specifically to help both vendors and brides. That’s my number one goal—putting those two together and give the brides the BEST vendors that we can which encourages the vendors to always strive to be better. I want everyone to succeed. It’s never been just about Complete Weddings + Events; however, we do get great return from the bridal shows. But it’s all about helping ALL of the vendors.”



This isn’t the end—it’s just the beginning for the Chase Nobis and the Lansing Bridal Association. Stay tuned for more exciting shows with the most talented vendors in the wedding industry!