Stuck on where to source the music for your wedding? Look no further than MSU Gigline, your direct connection to live musical talent right in the Lansing area. Booking live music can be difficult, but the staff at MSU Gigline make it easy to find the perfect accompaniment for your special day.

MSU Gigline performers are available for a wide variety of services that can be formatted to meet your needs:

  • Rehearsal dinner music
  • Ceremony music:
    • prelude or seating music
    • processional
    • unity candle or special music moment
    • recessional
    • postlude or exit music
  • Cocktail hour music
  • Background or featured music at wedding receptions

MSU Gigline offers a diverse selection of instrument choices including:

  • String duo, trio, or quartet
  • Woodwind quintet
  • Brass quintet
  • Piano or organ
  • Harp
  • Voice
  • Jazz duo, trio, quartet, or big band

We asked Mary Fukagawa, the classical MSU Gigline administrator, what makes MSU Gigline musicians the perfect choice for wedding bookings:

MSU Gigline musicians enjoy performing for weddings because they have the opportunity to use their talents in the community. Performers feed into the positive energy of a wedding day and enjoy the challenge of creating custom performances that evoke moods of love, romance, beauty, and elegance. For you and your guests, MSU Gigline performers desire to create a unique memory of your wedding day that will last a lifetime.”

Did you know?

Live music from MSU Gigline musicians can be customized! In addition to having a wide variety of instrumental configurations, performers have the resources and talent to honor song requests – from custom arrangements of your new favorite pop song to standard classical repertoire. With advance preparation and the aid of visual cues, the live performers from MSU Gigline have the ability to make timing adjustments to the pieces they are performing in real-time throughout a ceremony.

MSU Gigline pricing varies depending on the number of performers booked, length of time spent at the event prepping or performing, travel reimbursement, and any special requests, including repertoire requests. Performers may be able to honor discounted rates for additional hours of performance or provide a bulk rate for special song requests. Please make sure to ask the Gigline administrator for more information on pricing.

MSU Gigline features a variety of professional musicians who are currently studying at the MSU College of Music. Each member has previously performed for special events and can offer guidance on choosing musical selections and structuring music for weddings. MSU Gigline members come from diverse backgrounds and are well versed in creating musically inclusive environments and working with clients who have varying levels of musical experience. Choose MSU Gigline for your event as your gateway to talented live music from highly trained individuals!”

MSU Gigline Contact Information

Classical music requests:

Contact Mary Fukagawa

Jazz music requests:

Contact Cookey Whitaker


“The Lansing Bridal Association has been very welcoming to MSU Gigline and in offering us an opportunity to connect with the Greater Lansing community beyond MSU!”