When you walk into the Lansing Bridal Association’s September 2016 Bridal show, you will see:

Over 300 days of careful preparation
The result of numerous meetings and planning sessions
The culmination of thousands of emails, texts, and other information sharing
This is just a sampling of what it takes to present you with a rich and helpful bridal show experience.

But how do you navigate through all of this planned wedding brilliance without getting overwhelmed?

Here are some Bridal Show 101 tips we have assembled for you:

checkmark-small  Create an email address before the show just for wedding registration etc; one that you will regularly check.  “This will keep planning    more organized and you can delete the address after your wedding,” says Chase Nobis—Executive Director of the Lansing Bridal Association (LBA).

checkmark-small  At the show, look for things on your pre-made list if possible.  If you’re short on time, just get business cards (or flyers) to check out vendors at a later time.

checkmark-small  Don’t be afraid to ask for a vendor’s contract or where you can find it.

checkmark-small  Some booths will have free—take-home bags. Be on the lookout for other giveaways you can stash in those bags.

checkmark-small  Ask if you can take pictures of products offered or displays.  Vendors must adhere to copyright policies.

checkmark-small  If you can, wear a shoe similar to your wedding shoe style and height (and bring a spare if needed); encourage your bridal party to do so as well. If those feet don’t hold up; “You’re welcome.” 🙂

checkmark-small  Attend the fashion show.  This makes wedding apparel come “alive” by seeing the garments on models.

checkmark-small  Bring friends whose opinions you can trust to help you choose wisely if needed.

checkmark-small  It’s a long (and sometimes tiring) day for vendors and bridal show helpers as well.  Most will meet and talk to hundreds of brides and their parties.  Remember, on your wedding day—a vendors’ focus will be on you.

checkmark-small  Waterproof makeup can help if you, or anyone with you, joyfully wants to “get their cry on.”

checkmark-small  Don’t forget to register for amazing door prizes!

The Lansing Bridal Association was founded in 2009 by Mr. Chase Nobis.  He takes pride in bridal industry excellence and only promotes vendors with high standards.  He and his team work tirelessly to provide you with wedding choices and helpful information you can trust.

Written By: Cheryl Jiminez, Intern
Lansing Bridal Association

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