Heckman_Wedding_160Winter Weddings

Written By: LBA Intern Taylor Gorr

We’ve all seen a Pinterest photo of a winter wedding that achieves the dream, fairytale type look. The bride and groom are snuggled in a horse drawn carriage while snow is gently falling and the guests wave at them while drinking hot cocoa. It looks magical but you can’t help but think its just too unrealistic to pull off. The risk of bad weather on the day of the wedding holds most couples and planners off the idea before they even consider the positive possibilities. The weather can affect all kinds of things, guests and vendors traveling to your venue, limited outdoor pictures, and difficulty finding flowers during the season. But that’s why you’re subscribed to the Lansing Bridal Association Blog. We have all the tools you need to make that fairytale wedding a success in any season!

So here’s why you should consider a winter wedding: discounts, availability of vendors venues and even friends and family are often more available than in the summer months. Most wedding venue locations book quickly during the typical wedding season, late spring to early fall or about May-September. Not only will availability be tricky, prices are also typically higher during this season. This doesn’t only apply to the venues, wedding vendors such as photographers and DJ’s will also be busier and more expensive. A winter wedding will definitely help save on the budget and some of the stress to beat other brides to booking.Heckman_Wedding_158

There’s also a few other bonuses to having a winter wedding. Since brides flock to the typical wedding season, it is not uncommon for people to attend several weddings a season while also attending cookouts and bonfires. During the winter, people are generally less busy and will help you get more RSVP’s from your guest list. Since you have less competition for your venues, it will even be easier to find time prior to your wedding to decorate or venues may not charge for decorating a day or two advance. Also, decorations for your wedding may come a little easier since many businesses and even city streets are already decorated for the holidays. Not to mention, a winter wedding is going to be totally unique, a stand alone and memorable event for the happy couple as well as the guests. And isn’t that what everyone is going for?

Popular Winter Wedding Colors include:

• Silver         • Red         • Sage
• Blue           • Gold        • White

Centerpieces Ideas:

• Candles wreathed in baby’s breath or pine
• LED glitter branches in a tall vase wrapped in tulle
• Silver painted pinecones in a bowl

Other Ideas:

• Place a twinkle light backdrop behind the head table
• Give Hot Cocoa party favors. For a super cute idea check out this link
• Decorate the ceiling with Chinese Lanterns and strings of white lights for a romantic feel
• Instead of a Candy Bar, have a Hot Chocolate Bar. Provide them with Mugs, packets of hot chocolate mix, whipped cream topping, and sprinkles! Sprinkle ideas include: crushed Mint candies, White Chocolate chips, Milk Chocolate chips, chocolate sprinkles, and more. The possibilities are endless!