2022 January Bridal Show – Door Prize Winners

2022 January Bridal Show – Door Prize Winners

Congratulations to our Door Prize Winners!

Winners are listed in alphabetical order by last name, please contact the vendor to collect your prize. Thank you again to everyone who came to the show. We hope we made planning your special day just a little bit easier!


2022 January Bridal Show – Door Prize Winners

2021 October Bridal Show – Door Prize Winners

Congratulations to our Door Prize Winners!

Winners are listed in alphabetical order by last name, please contact the vendor to collect your prize. Thank you again to everyone who came to the show. We hope we made planning your special day just a little bit easier!


2022 January Bridal Show – Door Prize Winners

2020 January Bridal Show – Door Prize Winners

Congratulations to our Door Prize Winners!

Winners are listed in alphabetical order by last name! Please contact the vendor to collect your prize. Thank you again to everyone who came to the show. We hope we made planning your special day just a little bit easier!


The Return of the “Classic” Wedding

The Return of the “Classic” Wedding

According to Sarah Schrieber, editor of Martha Stewart Weddings, the classic wedding is on the rise. But what does that mean? Trends in the bridal world fluctuate month to month, year to year, but weddings have been around for hundreds of years. What does a return to classical mean for today’s bride?

White weddings have become commonplace since Mary, Queen of Scots and Queen Victoria of Great Britain wore white gowns on their wedding days. Traditions such as following “Something Borrowed […}” and not seeing the bride before the ceremony to avoid bad luck have rooted themselves in contemporary culture, but there is more to the return of tradition than just following the classics.

We’ve put together a quick spread of the top options for a classic look that you can easily incorporate into your ceremony and reception vision.

Did you know that the Lansing Bridal Association has two members that offer classical music selections? MSU GIGline and Pure Winds Quintet are your connections to classical music selections for your wedding, played by live musicians.

Alix Cott of BRIDES online recommends embracing calligraphy details and avoiding distracting décor. Focusing on intimate detail rather than forward concepts can create an atmosphere of romance and sophistication. Simple ceremonies can often make a huge impact and leave lasting memories.

Finally, let’s talk about the rhyme that brides have followed diligently for over a century.

“Something olde, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a sixpence in her shoe.” first came into popularity in England circa 1870-1880. By the 1900’s it was standard for American brides to follow suit. The rhyme was believed to ward off bad luck for the couple’s life together.

Something old: to ward off infertility. Can be a handed down object from another bride, such as jewelry or the dress.

Something new: manifesting optimism for the future. Usually the bride’s shoes or dress.

Something borrowed: by borrowing an object from a happily married couple, it is thought some of the luck will be brought to your own marriage. Can be jewelry, the dress, the veil, or hair ornaments.

Something blue: to ward off “evil eye” or bad luck, you can sew a blue ribbon into your dress, have a blue garter, or carry some lovely blue flowers in your bouquet.

The last line of the rhyme is lesser known and less followed, especially because sixpence coins have not been legal tender in the U.K. since 1980. The reason for the bride to have a coin in her shoe was that it would manifest prosperity and financial stability for the couple. If you find a lucky penny heads-up in the months before your wedding, wearing it in your shoe might just be the best luck you can get on your wedding day. What do you think, worth a shot?



Door Prize Winners!

Door Prize Winners!

Announcing the results of the door prize drawings from this Sunday’s Bridal Show, which featured tons of wonderful hand-picked prizes from our vendors.

PLEASE NOTE: Vendors will contact winners directly!

Steffanie Lazzell & Brian Wattros: Charcuterie set from Williams Sonoma

Jennie Brown: Gift card set from Hot Flash Photo

Theatrice Verser & Michael Parker: Gift card from Dickey’s BBQ Pit

Katy Farrington & Jared Speckin: Centerpiece from Eleven 11

Theresa & Jerry Diaz: MSU Plate & Journal from Kellogg/Spartan Hospitality

Anne Marie & Logan Burroso: Gift card from Blade & Feather

Alyssa Fausneaucht & Bobby Perry: Free suit/tuxedo rental from Men’s Wearhouse

Amber Shue & Addison Mock: Gift card from Dickey’s BBQ Pit

Beth Kenyon & Steve Ford: Free print gift from Kitchen Traditions

Brittney & Matthew (No Last Name Listed): Set Sail gift set from Michigan Princess

Maisie McQuaid & Anthony Alvarado: Gift card & BBQ Sauce set from Slow’s BBQ

Melissa Plemmons & Jake Lowman: Free Ceremony at MSU Horticulture Gardens

Brianna Barnett & Doug Chidester: Gift card from Firekeeper’s Casino

Angela Garza & Paul Bennett: Gift card from Dickey’s BBQ Pit

Ashley Hude & Justin Wood: Amazon gift card from Lighthouse Party Bus & Limo

Erin & Gage (No Last Name Listed): Otsego Resort Stay

Robert Hornberger & Kourtnee Dafoe: Gift card from David’s Bridal

Dyland Pitcher & Danielle Brownell: Wine trio from Northfork Estate

Tara & Michael (No Last Name Listed): Coffee mug from Hidden Creek Farms

Courtney Ratliff: Free engagement session from Holmes Photography

Brendan Cissel: Gift bag from Pottery Barn

Gabi Seida & Kyle Lofton: Free Consultation from Pure Winds Quintet

Kristen Damron & Christopher Banacle: Two-step meal set from Bed Bath & Beyond

Hannah Fox & Bill Schaub: Why Knot Giftcard & Travel Package from E-Z Travel

Kate Vergin: Chocolate Basket from Tania Watt Photography

Brittany Snyder: Wine & Cheese set from The Z Hall

Erin Jones: Gift card from Hawkins Photography

Renae Dechape: Gift card from Hawkins Photography

Trevor Klatt: Gift bag from Becker’s Bridal

Jamie Piggott & Billy Gray
Wedding Day Transportation: Finding the best option for your big day

Wedding Day Transportation: Finding the best option for your big day

Jim Long, Guest Writer

In the midst of the wedding planning hustle and bustle, it’s the job of seasoned wedding professionals to ensure that your seemingly daunting tasks are as painless as possible. With the right guidance, one task in particular can be made as simple as saying “I Do.” 

Coordinating wedding day transportation can be more than meets the eye. With many details such as transporting the happy couple, moving the entire bridal party or taking guests to and fro, professional transportation companies are here to alleviate the stress of providing safe and reliable transport. 

When the time comes to book a service, here are some common things to consider when finding your perfect fit. 

1. Who needs the transportation? 

If you’re just starting the planning process, here are a few common scenarios that a professional service will happily cover. 

  • The bride and her party could need to get from their hotel, to the salon and back to the venue all in a timely manner. 
  • Perhaps the groom and his party need to get to the venue before the bride arrives. 
  • Guests often need to be shuttled from their hotels to the venue, then back again at the end of the night. 
  • Many times, bridal parties leave on a trolley, limousine or party bus to their favorite picture spots a few hours before the reception. 
  • It could be as simple as providing a get-a-way at the end of the night for the newlyweds to get back to their hotel.  

2. What kind of vehicle do you need?

The best transportation companies will offer a widespread selection of vehicles to choose from. Not every vehicle fits every situation, so you may find that you might need different types of vehicles throughout the day. 

Perhaps a stretch limo for the bridesmaids is the best choice. How about a party bus or trolley for the bridal party after the ceremony? Maybe you’ll need a large coach bus or smaller shuttle to move your guests around. Be sure to ask your transportation professional about every option available to you. 

3. What do I need to know when starting the booking process?

For every vehicle you rent, you will need to know a few basic details to get the most accurate pricing for your event. Things such as:

  • Pickup and drop off locations
  • The time frame the vehicle is needed
  • Where the vehicle needs to go and
  • How many passengers will be in each unit4. How do I decide which company to use?

4. How do I decide which company to use?

Not all transportation services are the same. It’s important to look at online reviews for every company in your consideration. The more reviews they have, the more likely you are to find accurate and helpful information. 

It’s also important to ensure that the limousine company you want to use is fully licensed/authorized to conduct business. Many states will require their vehicles to pass an inspection, in which the results are public and easily accessible online. Feel free to ask for their licenses, vehicle inspections and proof of liability insurance. If they fail to provide these items, you may want to consider finding a more open and trustworthy company. 

Also, ask about their chauffeur safety and training programs:  

  • Do they have one? 
  • How do they train their chauffeurs? 
  • What attire will the driver arrive in?

It’s always a good idea to verify these in person!

Be sure the pictures they have on their website match the actual vehicles in their fleet.  You can also arrange a visit to the vehicle ahead of time to see what it looks for yourself. Unfortunately, many companies use stock photos and don’t actually own their own fleet.  

Some are merely “brokers” who take reservations and could be located anywhere. In these cases, they use local limousine companies to service those reservations, sometimes without even taking into account the reputation of the local company they’ve decided to use. 

In these instances, cut out the middle-man for the best deal. Go directly with an actual local company that you can visit and see the professional quality of their company firsthand.

With the help of these guidelines, you’ll be sure to find securing transportation for your wedding day easier than you thought. Wedding professionals are here to help, leaving you stress-free and with as much time as possible to enjoy every second of your magical night. 

About the author:

Jim Long has been in the luxury ground transportation industry for over 20 years. Beginning his career in Michigan, he has worked with ground transportation companies in Florida, New York/New Jersey and Illinois. He has been a professional chauffeur, dispatch and operations manager, as well as the owner of a specialized transportation industry call-center. On top of that, he is a recognized leader in organizational management, sales, and customer service. Most recently, Jim is at Affordable Limousine in Grand Rapids, Michigan. There, he can be found helping brides, grooms and their wedding planners put together packages for weddings both large and small. 

If you would like more information on his services, he can be reached at 616-299-1812 or via email

Tips for Success at a Bridal Show

Tips for Success at a Bridal Show

Going to a bridal show can be stressful for brides who are not sure what to do or how it works. These tips and tricks will help you to get through and get the most out of your experience at the upcoming Lansing Bridal Show on Oct. 6!

Tip #1: Make an email address specifically for your wedding. When it comes to getting info on bridal deals from vendors we understand the struggle of having your personal email cluttered with more than what it needs. A great option is to make a special email address dedicated to your wedding plans! It will help keep everything for the date in one place and organized so you don’t lose important information. You can also create an online drive that can store your spreadsheets, paperwork, and address book to share with your wedding planner or bridal party for instant access.

Tip #2: Register with as many vendors as you can. Take advantage of having so many vendors in one place and get your bookings in before their lists fill up. You can always change your mind later, but it’s much harder to get the vendor of your dreams once they’re completely booked. Even if you think that the vendor might not be right for your wedding, you should look at their materials in case there’s something small that would be the perfect addition. You never know when a vendor could turn out to be the perfect fit for your special day!

Tip #3: Know your wedding date, if possible. Choosing your date ahead of time so you can give it to vendors is very important because then they can answer your questions more specifically and prioritize attention to brides with sooner wedding dates when scheduling follow-up meetings. In some cases, they can even start to help you choose colors and themes according to what season your wedding is planned for!

Tip #4: Make information labels. Before you come to the bridal show, print out a sheet or two of premade information labels with your name, your wedding email, phone number, and wedding date. The bridal show is full of many vendor booths where you will be writing your information down, labels will help you get the most out of your interactions with vendors by saving time writing.


Final Tip: Remember that this is fun! Bridal shows are meant to showcase the best of the best for brides to see. Grab a couple of close friends and get as much enjoyment out of the day as you can. The Lansing Bridal show will feature a wedding fashion show, food samples, beautiful decorations, and much more. Spend the afternoon planning the wedding of your dreams!

After saying “Yes”, it’s okay to say “No.”

After saying “Yes”, it’s okay to say “No.”

You’ve just said “Yes” to taking your partner’s hand in marriage. After such a monumental moment, you may find yourself wondering “What comes next?”

Upon entering the sometimes-overwhelming world of wedding planning, one must prepare to say “Yes” time and time again. Whether it be booking a venue, choosing your dream dress or deciding on delicacies, endless “Yes’s” will be thrown out into the world to ensure that your big day is everything you’ve ever dreamed of.

Though the thrill of making your dream wedding come to fruition is a high that any bride would love to ride forever, it’s equally as important to be prepared to say “No.”

In some cases, saying “No” is easier said than done and we at the LBA recognize that entirely. We’re here to ensure and remind you that there is one very important detail to remember when tackling tricky situations that involve having to use that dreaded word. Most importantly:

This is YOUR time, YOUR process and YOUR big day. Your needs and desires should be held on the highest of pedestals, for you’re creating something beautiful that is meaningful for your life.

With that in mind, here are a few examples of common instances you may find yourself needing to say “No,” although it might prove to be difficult:

·       One of your friends assumes they’re in your wedding party.

It may be tough breaking the news, but it shouldn’t be a problem considering truefriends will understand and always be there to support you regardless. Telling your friends that they didn’t make the cut can easily translate into something that sounds like “You’re not important enough to me.” Try highlighting the reasons behind your decision, such as costs or maintaining a small party. Alongside of that, it’s import to frame the “negative” side of being apart of the wedding, such as the cost of a dress or having to worry about the associated work and responsibilities. Once the news is broken, you could ask for their input on things to help make them feel involved and important. 

·     You’re afraid of looking like a picky “Bridezilla.”

Don’t want that dress? Don’t want that cake? It’s okayto be picky because you’re building your version of perfection, not anybody else’s. Be sure to communicate to your friends and family what it is you don’tlike about the things you’re deciding on. If you feel pressured into choosing something, it could be because they don’t understand why it doesn’t fit into your vision. Help them understand and try to remind yourself that they are trying to help! 

·       You may not want to let go of something that your partner disagrees with.

Saying “No” sometimes means letting go. Remember, this process can also involve compromisewith your partner because importantly, it’s their day too. Communication is such a large factor in a functional partnership, so be sure to ask your better half for their input. Unless it’s something you can’t live without, it’s okay to let it go. If it is something you can’t live without, find a way to efficiently explain this to your partner and consider comprising on an alternative wedding decision in which you may have a different vision. 

·       You’re considering settling on something because it’s convenient.

o  You’re overwhelmed, tired and stressed out. In times like these, you may find yourself wanting to say “yes” simply because it’s easier than going for what you really want. Take a step back, take a deep breath and remember who you’re doing this for. One great method to avoid being overwhelmed is to get an early start by booking as much as possible in the beginning. On average, an engagement is around 18 months long. Utilize that time to plan almost every detail, leaving yourself a few months to spare. That way, you can focus on your friends and enjoy that window of time and not stress about making hasty decisions. Also, consider attending a bridal show near the beginning of your engagement. They are such an amazing resource for finding everything you need for your wedding in one place. With plenty of options to choose from, not only will it guide your vision for your perfect day, it will also help you articulate what exactly you’re looking for to your friends and family.

We hope that this blog post brought light to some of the potential roadblocks that new brides may run into along the wedding-way. If you’ve got this stuff down already, we are so incredibly happy for you! If this was the reminder you needed, we’re thrilled to have done our little part in your special journey.

Photography sessions: Your questions answered

Photography sessions: Your questions answered

Wedding Photography Tips from Lansing Bridal Association Photographers.

With your wedding just around the corner, it’s time to talk photography. The photos of your engagement and wedding are ones you will want to cherish forever. So how do you achieve the results you want while working with your photographer? We interviewed two of our members in photography to give you some insight.

Smile, laugh, don’t worry about posing!

“I always recommend having your engagement session with the photographer you are planning on using for your wedding. Now-a-days, most photographers offer an engagement session with your wedding package. This is a great opportunity for you to get used to being in front of the camera, and it is a great opportunity to get a “test run” with your photographer before your special day.” -Chris, Holmes Photography

Take the time to set up the shots you want.

Engagement sessions are a great addition to your wedding package for many reasons: testing makeup/hair looks before the wedding, finding inspiration for poses you might want in your wedding portfolio, and most importantly – cherishing your engagement, no matter how long or short it may be. Another big tip from Holmes Photography is that the engagement session is a way to see if your photographer’s style is what you want for your wedding. How they edit images can be very important to your wedding portfolio!

A tip from our member Amber J Photography is to not be afraid to speak up. If there is something that is important to you in your session, be sure to mention it to you photographer so they can help you. This is especially important if you have a special surprise for your partner during your session, or even the wedding itself. Talk with your photographer ahead of time to make sure they’re ready to capture what you have planned!

One thing to keep in mind as you search for the perfect photographer: 

Choosing a photographer based only on pricing. When it comes to the special memories of your wedding, be sure to do your research on your photographer. Your wedding photos will be cherished for years to come, so look around for a photographer that is both within your budget and sure to give you photos you will love. From Holmes Photography: “Regardless of which photographer you choose, LOVE THEIR WORK.” 

Do you have a special surprise for your bride/groom or guests? Make sure to tell your photographer! They are the most important person to have in on the secret, since they’re responsible for documenting your special moment. 

Last tip: Have a list of pictures you want. While the photographer may not always be able to accommodate all your requests due to time constraints, letting them know what you are hoping for will benefit everyone. 

Coming soon: Fall Bridal Show

Coming soon: Fall Bridal Show

The Lansing Bridal show returns October 6th, 2019 to the Lansing Center. This annual show is the largest in mid-Michigan, showcasing vendors from all over the area.

General entrance to the show is at 12pm, VIP access begins at 11am. Tickets can be purchased on the Lansing Bridal Association website or at the box office in the Lansing center. VIP tickets are only $10 and give you the benefit of seeing and booking with vendors an hour early.